A Wizard Cafe 🧙

Merry meet!

While on vacation last week, I stumbled upon quite find- the Leaky Cauldron Cafe in Kraków!

I couldn’t resist sharing as I know several of you would enjoy this cafe’s aesthetic :bat::mage::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

[Logo from their website- “dziórawy kocioł” means “Leaky Cauldron” in Polish :wink: ]

Apologies in advance for the low-quality pics- it was atmospherically dark down there :laughing:

I wanted to take the menu book home with me lol

This Harry Potter/wizard themed cafe is located on the main street in Old Town leading to Wawel Castle :european_castle:. The cafe spans several rooms in an old medieval cellar.

The “magical” fireplace and floating candles

It was a bit dark and chilly- actually perfect for a hot day. And the cobblestone walls and cool temperature were perfect for a magical cafe! :sparkles:

Broomstick “parking”- very cute! :broom:

They had Harry Potter merchandise, music from the films, and projectors that “summoned” ghosts that flew across the walls every few minutes.

While the cafe is clearly geared towards kids, it’s definitely the type of place that both Harry Potter fans and those who love a good witchy aesthetic would greatly enjoy :grin::bat:

The cafe’s best item was their Kremowe Piwo- warm Butter Beer that tastes like melted pumpkin pie :jack_o_lantern:

If you’re looking for some very cute magical-themed drinks and snacks, you can view their creative menu online (in Polish and English) :scroll:

A much better picture of their iced Butter Beer from their Facebook Page

Between the Cat Cafe we went to and this Harry Potter cafe, I feel like I’m back in Japan- I absolutely love themed cafes! :partying_face:

Have you been to a Themed Cafe Before? Would you want to go to a Magic Themed Cafe? :mage::thinking:

Sending love and light to you!

:sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


This is too cute! I’d love to go. You’re lucky to have found it!


I’m definitely going to Poland now!!! :grin: It’s very aesthetic and I love the dark theme, the broom parking and the menu!!! I don’t blame you for wanting to take one :joy: wow this had to be quite the experience!!!


Wow! Poland has so many cool spots! And this one has my heart me too!! :sparkles: :sparkles:


Ahhh I’m so glad you found it!
That’s one of my favourite cafe’s to visit in Krakow :joy: the atmosphere is awesome! :heart:


Oh my stars I lalalalove it! My sister would die to go here lol I just sent her pictures because she is a fanatic of all things harry Potter. Personally I’d have just loved to go to say I had been there and because it was a themed cafe. The only thing like that I’ve ever been to was when I lived in Tampa as a kid. My aunt took us to a 50s themed diner called johnny rockets where the servers wore poodle skirts and there were juke boxes on the table and the whole ice cream shop experience. I tried my first chocolate coca cola that day. (As a kid it was delicious but now… :-1::-1::-1:) This was really neat thank you for sharing @TheTravelWitch


This is so cool. I thought the pictures the great, they really capture the feel of the place. I am definitely a Harry Potter fan and I would be overjoyed to spend some time in a place like this! That drink looks good!


Awesome place!!!


Thanks @Amethyst! It was lucky indeed- we just happened to see the sign while waiting for pizza at the restaurant next door :joy: Wouldn’t have found it otherwise!

It was indeed a memorable cafe- I hope you can make it on vacation here someday, @Christina4! :blush:

Glad you liked it, @robin77! :heart:

Ahhhh that’s so cool that you’ve been there too, @Limeberry- cheers! :partying_face: Kraków was full of treasures, but yes this one in particular was a very fun spot :mage::sparkles:

The old diners sometimes have the best milkshakes- and wow! Chocolate coca cola sounds like a child’s dream come true, @phoenix_dawn :chocolate_bar: :yum: I hope you and your sister have the chance to visit a Harry Potter cafe someday :blush:

I’m glad you think so, @colin- I was worried about the pics because it was so dark! :laughing: I hope you can make it to a Harry Potter cafe someday- I think there are a few around the world! :earth_americas:

Glad you liked it, @pedros10! :blush:


Wow! This is so cute! I love Harry Potter, my nieces and nephew grew up on them. Such wonderful memories.
Thank you for sharing your amazing find! The pics look great!
Blessed be


I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and that seeing them brought back some happy memories for you, @walter! :grin: I also grew up with the Harry Potter books so I share the feeling- the cafe brought back some very strong nostalgia! :heart::blush:

Blessed be!