Abasdarhun – the Angel of the Midnight Hour

Abasdarhun is never mentioned in Hebrew scripture, his name appears in other sacred and ancient mythological books. In the names of angels, this always appears high on the list.

There is a myth that angels are assigned to guide every phase of human activity. We are all surrounded by not only one guardian angel. And not only! A multitude of other lesser angels stand by us throughout our lives. In this way they want to answer our every prayer.

Their influence is highly proportional. It is said that there are angels at every hour of the day and night. They are also said to watch every month, every season and every year. It is believed that the angels of the hours can be called upon for assistance during their respective times of service.

The role of Abasdarhun
This, then, is the meaning of the title of Abasdarhun as the angel of the fifth hour of the night. It indicates that the time this is active is probably between 04:00 and 05:00. That’s because midnight marks the official beginning of the night. If the evening begins when the sun goes down, we may have trouble determining what the fifth hour will be. Especially since the seasons change. The appearance of daylight saving time also adds confusion to the time this angel reigns.

No matter how much his time is measured, Abasdarhun never rests. Because the world keeps turning. The night hours are constantly moving from zone to zone, and a certain part of the human population lives at all times in the fifth hour of the night.

This theory also suggests that the angelic sphere has been adapted to the human system created for measuring time. Including AND calendar year. From the spiritual realm, where time seems to be non-existent, the commission of angels to watch over certain times of day is somewhat puzzling.

However, this seems to be the role of the Angel Abasdarhun. In fact, it is one of the 24 names of benevolent spirits. Each of which is set to continuously monitor the clocks on Earth.

Why does the world need angelic help so much during the morning hour? It’s what we say : That the darkest hour of the night is just before dawn! It is perhaps the quietest time of each day, when most people and creatures are at rest.

Abasdarhun’s role as ruler of the fifth child of a family
Also another service that this angel seems to provide is that he rules over the fifth child in a family. It has been said that Abasdarhun also assists Noxiel, the angel of mystery and twilight, by “holding the cloak of night over the secrets of the world”.

We have to wonder why angels are busy covering up the secrets of the universe. Mankind has been busy for centuries building telescopes, listening devices, rocket systems and every other machine that could unlock these secrets. But while we haven’t “revealed” everything we wanted to, what we’ve learned is that: No matter what’s in the amazing universe we live in, there’s not much we can do to change one iota of its magnificent work. Creator.

The best we can do is admire it and try to understand how it all works.
Abasdarhun - o Άγγελος της μεταμεσονύχτιας ώρας - Torah .gr


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