Acorns how to use them

I have way too many of these beautiful acorns. I found them and they found me. Now here we are. My question is what to do with them. Anyone have knowledge of their uses? Druid or Squirrel I need to figure out what drew me to collect these.


Warm greetings @jim,

It sounds like you’re blessed with an abundance of acorns! :chestnut: :sparkles: (sorry, no acorn emoji so bear with the chestnut haha)

I’ve found that when we are drawn towards something, the reasoning is often rooted in our current life situation, wants or needs- aka, it’s often very personal to the individual. I would recommend doing some introspection or perhaps meditation with an acorn and see what you find :person_in_lotus_position:

To help you get started on what to look for, I think your idea of exploring symbolism of the acorns and how they can be used is a great way to begin! :grinning:

If I can share my own personal meanings of acorns, I see acorns as a vessel of something new. They are a (literal) seed, a possibility, the first presence of the future within the current moment. They symbolize growth and development over time, of something small that can become something great.

In spellwork, acorns can be used for long-term wish-granting. You might enchant the acorn in a wish spell and plant it as part of the ritual. It will require care and time, but as the seed takes root and grows so too shall your wish :sparkles:

Acorns can also be used in protective magick, allowing a green witch to grow a companion and protector that will watch over their space and family for many generations to come :evergreen_tree:

I would not recommend using acorns in speedy spellwork- aka anything you want/need to get done quickly. I would also not recommend using acorns in any spell you want to cast and then move on from- they require long-term care, love, and attention over time. That being said, thanks to these efforts, the results are likely to be stronger, longer-lasting, and more enduring :muscle:

Just my personal thoughts on acorns offered up for your consideration- I imagine the coven will have some additional acorn-y (is that a word? :laughing:) correspondences for you too! :blush:

I hope you can uncover the meaning of them for you and find some great ways to put your acorns to use!

Blessed be :sparkles:


Hi, just my own thoughts on this & a little bit of what I have found out about them. I actually use acorns as an offering to one of my deities but they are also associated with the Oak :deciduous_tree: tree as well & can be used in tandem with it or on their own. I do have a necklace with a single acorn on it that was given to me by a friend of mine to wear for protection & to help me with my chronic medical issues.

Acorns & Oaks:

The acorn is seen as the representation of the supreme form of fertility and creativity of the mind; as such, they are used to increase the fertility of both projects and ideas and human reproduction and also ease the pain.

Acorns can be used to attract someone of the opposite sex, used for divinatory powers, and to attract prosperity and wealth. Acorns should be planted during the Dark moon to attract prosperity.
The Waning moon is the right time to harvest Oak, during the day for Acorns, and at night for the leaves and wood. Offer wine to the Oak’s roots as thanks for allowing you to take a part of him.

Because of its ties to immortality symbolism, acorns are sacred to the Samhain season and are often used in fall decorating.

It is a very powerful herb for protection; England is said to be protected by the Oak when using its timbers to build their ships. It is also used as a boundary for its protective qualities.

Acorns placed in windows will ward off lightning and beings that would scare us at night; they will also attract luck. Acorns can be born in pockets to ward off storms, prevent the bearer from getting lost, and protect from evil intent.

They are also carried as charms for immortality, longevity, and fertility, to ward off illness, and to preserve youthfulness. Three acorns can be made into a charm to attract youthfulness, attainment, and beauty in life. This charm should be bound with the maker’s hair and blessed at every Full and Dark moon of a year, and then worn.

Witchipedia: Oak & Acorns


Merry meet. Depending on how many acorns you have, you could boil the tannins out and make an acorn flour for a Yule treat, like maple shortbread cookies.


Bringing up such a tasty sounding treat … Recipe required.


Very informative, thank you :relaxed:


Here is a maple shortbread using half acorn flour and half wheat flour.

And an acorn flour only chocolate chocolate chip recipe.

Both sites have info on how to make the flour and how to bake with acorn flour. I have a lot of books on gardening/foraging/homesteading, and people also use acorn flour for pancakes if I remember correctly. Most of my foraging has been black walnut and dandelions, but hopefully these or similar recipes bring tasty results.


@TheRealKara You’re very welcome! :heart:

@charlotte2 That’s an awesome idea, Charlotte! :heart_eyes: I’ll be checking out those recipes- thank you for sharing them! :raised_hands: