Adam and Eve Roots (Orchis spp)

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Adam and Eve Root s
During my magical Journey of exploring some Herbs the second herb in the book is ADAM AND EVE ROOT
About this root is one represents the phallic and the other represents the female genitalia! This article I found talks more about the herb.
Gender Feminine
Planet Venus
Element- Water
Power- Love, Happiness
Magical Uses
Carry the two roots in a small bag at all times to attract a love. I you wish to be free from amatory competitors, also carry the two roots sewn into a small bag. Given to a couple they ensure continued happiness!
Adam and Eve Root
Happy findings
Blessed Be!


That’s really interesting, @Jeannie! :heart_eyes: I hadn’t heard about the Adam and Eve Roots before! I was excited to learn about this one :blush:

I was curious to see what the whole plant looked like (so I can maybe identify it if I come across one in the future), and it looks like a very humble flower:

[Pic from Native Wild Flowers]

It looks like it goes by the names Adam and Eve Root, Adam and Eve Orchid, Putty Root, and Aplectrum.

Really fun to learn about! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, @Jeannie! :hearts: :pray::books:


Travel Witch,
You are welcome, Adam and Eve Roots are very pretty! I wonder where they grow? So I found this article Where do they grow?


Wow :flushed: thanks @Jeannie1 I had no idea they existed!!! And thanks to @TheTravelWitch for the pic. :relaxed::hibiscus:


From the article you shared, it looks like the plants grow throughout Europe! :earth_africa:

I don’t get a chance to be in the woods much here (unfortunately!), but if the opportunity comes up, I’ll try to keep an eye out to see if I can spot an Adam and Eve Orchid here in Poland! :blossom: :blush:


Ow your so lucky, well if you find one maybe you can send me one!
I just thought about how they have Adam and Eve store here in California! I just put it all together! I never noticed, small things like that before! Now I know why!! Lol :laughing:


This flowerbisbreally beautiful, never knew that they had a flower or a root by this name :thinking: thank you for this, I learnt something new today :hugs:


I would love to send you one (if I’m lucky enough to find it! :laughing: ) but I’m afraid that international customs usually doesn’t allow plants/plant materials to be sent in the mail! :no_good_woman::mailbox_with_mail: This is because sometimes foreign plants can enter the local ecosystem and endanger local plant varieties :wilted_flower:

But no fear! :grin: All that means is that maybe sometime in the future, you can have an adventure over to Europe- I think it could be exciting to see European flora and fauna (like the Adam and Eve Root) in their natural habit :national_park: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It would be quite an adventure! :sparkles::star_struck:


Travel Which,
That’s okay I understand, Travel Which I would not want to mess anything up.


I know you wouldn’t mess anything up on purpose, Jeannie! You have a very caring heart and I can see how you always work in harmony with the nature around you :national_park: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:

Perhaps someday there will be a safer way to send plants around the world, but for now we can always send pretty pictures! :grin::framed_picture:

And on that note, while looking at pictures of orchids, I found a very funny-looking one to share! It’s called “Dracula simia” (Monkey-Face Orchid):

[Pic from Flowerweb]

Another fun orchid to have in the garden! I think I would laugh everytime I saw the little angry monkeys :joy::monkey_face: :hibiscus:


OMG, THIS FLOWER HERE IS VERY INTERESTING @TheTravelWitch. I have never in my life saw anything like this before. They really look like monkeys :hushed: it’s kinda funny too but I like them though, this is something that I would grow in my garden. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: cause they are so different.


:joy::joy::laughing: hahahahaha I laughed so hard, I scared my kitty :cat2::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:


Doesn’t this one look like a candle holder :joy:

And just look at this:



Travel Witch
Your so fun! I love your picture of the monkey’s! I love the Orchid family! Some people would not prefer an orchid but these monkeys are so cute!! I just want you to know you put a smile on my face!!

Personally I am glad that you had said something about the ecosystem being in danger, if one were to send a plant that was foreign. It could in fact mess it up, and I would not want to do that! That is so weird that plants can effect the ecosystem like that you now. That’s important that you had said that cause they can effect evrything and cause alot of disaster huh!
I might have to adventure to Europe!!! Your right about that! :laughing:


I’m so glad you also got a laugh from the Monkey Face Orchid @NickWick , @Christina4, and @Jeannie1! :grin: :heart:

It got me thinking that there are so many amazing flowers (and some very funny ones too!) out there in the wild wonderful world :earth_americas: If you have any favorite or funny blossoms you’d like to share, there’s a new thread for flower fans! It’s here:

—> Funny, Fantastic and Favorite Flowers! :hibiscus:

Those two plants are wild, Christina! :star_struck: Yes, the first one looks like it would be an amazing candle holder or altar decoration, and the second one looks like it wants a kiss :lips: :joy:

I agree! There’s something nice about the idea of spreading a beautiful flower or plant around the world for everyone to enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Unfortunately, nature can be just as cut-throat as it is beautiful, and some of the prettiest flowers are actually some of the most harmful ones for natural biodiversity (Chinese/Japanese Wisteria and Rhododendron come right to mind :sweat_smile: )

Yes! :heart_eyes: I hope you can make the trip and embark on a thrilling adventure across the seas someday, Jeannie! :airplane: :world_map: :blush:


Haha me too!!! We would have a garden that nobody would go near! :joy: