Adding additional ritual to my Spell Work

Hey! So today is Monday and the Moon is waxing so it feels like a great time to start another 7 day spell.

I’ve been thinking about how I can keep adding more ritual to my spell work because I just LOVE the casting of magick and I feel like I want to prolong the experience. Recently I’ve been calling quarters more often for my spells and now I’m going to take it one step further.

I’m going to use a mortar and pestle to charge some of my spell components. Well, you know how you write down say… 7 reasons you need something for a 7 day spell : on paper? Well when I woke up I had a great idea. I could cut those 7 reasons into paper strips and individually empower them and the spell each night by placing them inside the mortar and pestle set that I have.

My plan is to carry out the spell as normal, but after the meditation, cut the paper strip off the list and place it inside the mortar. I will then wave the pestle like a wand over it and say:

“This is my desire so shall it be,
Hear my will so mote it be.”

Then I’m going to leave the paper strip in the mortar with the pestle overnight and then place it into one of my spell storage chests the next day when I get up. (I like to keep a lot of my spell papers and stuff).

Anyway, just thought I’d share. I’d love to hear what the rest of the coven thinks of this idea. Also if anyone has any ideas on adding even more ritual I’d love to hear them.


Ooh I loooooove this!
Such a nice mortar and pestle too! Gosh add some herbs though!!! I’m a herby fiend so I’d have to sprinkle some corresponding herbs on the paper (always in a clockwise circle to attract cos that’s how I roll) :joy: :joy: :joy:


Nice idea! And like @Limeberry said, beautiful mortar and pestle. What’s it made out of?


Awesome ritual!!

I love the idea of doing it throughout 7 days! If you start today you’ll finish on the Full Moon! Selene! :full_moon:

I would finisht it by pasting the papers on your book of shadows or journal, and maybe writing about your intentions or current mindset to have some sort of log. :memo:


I think it’s a wonderful idea, @colin! And as the days pass and the moon grows in strength, so too your 7 reasons will also grow in power! And yes, like Francisco said- the spell completes on the Full Moon :full_moon: Very exciting- wishing you and your lovely 7 day spell the best of luck :blush::sparkles:


I’m glad you guys like the idea. I never did start my spell on Monday as planned though. I was just so sleepy in the evening. I will definitely start it tonight. It would have been nice to finish on the full moon like Francisco mentioned though, oh well, I’ll just have to push past one day. The moon is still considered full on the next night too in terms of lunar phase so I “should” be okay.

As for what its made of, well, I’m not too sure… It’s definitely nothing too fancy, it only cost me about four dollars at Dollarama.

And yes I do want herbs for it. I’m subscribed to the Witch’s Box and they will be sending herbs but they are already ground up. I need to do some online shopping and get some leaves to grind or something.

I plan to keep my reasons on paper in a magical chest. I’ll make sure to note the use of the mortar and pestle in my Book of Shadows.


That’s a wonderful idea for your spellwork! I have my spell jars on a witchy shelf unless they need to be buried, then I have a section in my back yard where I will put them. I also have a spell jar in the freezer that’s wrapped in aluminum foil. I have a wooden chest that I have used for things like 7 day spells or one of the first spells I did you kept the items in the box for about a month.

I think whatever works for you and keeps you going in your craft, is up to you. If it feels great then continue on with it! I call quarters, cast a circle, and invoke Brigid. Sometimes I forget the circle, but I call quarters, so I think the circle is just a little extra. I love working with Brigid and have a little statue of her on my spell jar witchy shelf.


Cool I like to call quarters as I somewhat declare a circle. I don’t have anything representing the actual circle surrounding me though. I would love to have more room and a better dedicated space for my spellwork. Right now I actually use my living room because I’m living alone and my altar is the main coffee table. I really want to go all the way with Witchcraft. I’ll get there, I’m still a little new to be honest. I was taking a business degree in University but unfortunately I can’t continue that right now so I’m a Witch full-time. It’s a great life and I feel like it’s more fulfilling than business ever would have been. I feel like I’m at the best place so far in my life and that it’s just going to get better. I feel like for the first time I’m ignoring what everyone is telling me do and truly fulfilling my destiny. I just love Witchcraft. :slight_smile:


Man, you got a DEAL. That looks wonderful!


I can understand that I don’t have much room… my altar is my dresser and less than 2 feet from that is my bed. I don’t have anything to represent the circle except that it’s about the size of my arms when I turn in a circle.

It’s always good to follow your heart because otherwise, you won’t truly be happy. Others shouldn’t dictate what you do with your time or life. I’m happy that you found your destiny. So many people dream of that in their lives.

Take your time and you should be able to dedicate as much time as you want to your craft. I have been slacking a little bit, but I am really waiting for the full moon to charge my crystals, so I haven’t been using them like I normally would. I found a nice spot to see the moon early on in the evening so I leave them on my back porch for a few hours.


Good for you @Colin. I love finding bargains like this. We have a great ‘second hand shop’ called Happy Tails Thrift Shop and the proceeds go to support a no kill shelter for animals.
I’ve found beautiful wooden cigar boxes, crystal bells, small bowls, beads, votives, candle holders, crystal goblets, and the other day I found a lovely heavy Wilton Pewter plate for $2. that I used to do the Uncrossing Spell.
I will have to wait til the next moon cycle to try your great idea!


That cloth with the plate… looks great! You used a candle snuffer too! I really need a candle snuffer. Also I’m glad to see that I’m not the only Witch using barbeque lighters. I know I’ve read about this, but I’m curious, what was your spell for? I’d like to make a note of it, maybe even try it myself.

I did a great spell the other night using my new method of empowering and using the mortar. I know I said I would do a 7 day one but I’ve been doing so many of those so I decided on just a one night spell instead. I wrote down three things I was lacking in life on slips of paper, and drew some symbols on them for extra power. Reading off the things I needed specifically to the Star Goddess was a great time. Afterwards I was using the pestle kind of like a wand and I’ve got to say that you can really feel the power coming out the end. All in all, it was just the spell I was looking for and the new technique gave me exactly what I wanted. I even dressed up for it. I can hardly wait until my wand comes in… things are seriously going to take off then.


@colin the spell was the UNCROSSING SPELL .

If you are going to try it … make sure the area is well ventilated. I had to shut my bedroom door so the smoke wouldn’t bother my dad with his COPD it is not a good mix. I just felt it was time to get this spell done… too much going on to ignore.

Hope you try it! I liked your mortar and pestle spell too! That one sounded interesting as well. Let me know how it worked for you!


My recent spell with the mortar and pestle worked great. I was reading somewhere on the site yesterday that spells cast in the previous week would start showing results.

In this spell I made more of a devotion to the Star Goddess. Even though I’m not quite sure exactly who she is yet, it still feels like I have a growing connection with her. Also, I really feel like I’ve tapped into more divinity than I’m used to since casting the spell. I asked for protection, and it was granted to me. I asked for stability, and this as well has been granted to me. The third thing I asked for I will keep private but it is a very large request, and I was shown signs right away that things are progressing on that front too. I would like to incorporate my mortar and pestle into more of my spell work in the future. I’m going to see if I can find a way to improve myself over the course of the next waning moon. :slight_smile:

Also thanks for the info on the Uncrossing Spell. I will check it out.