Advance Wiccan and Advance Spell Casting

Just wondering if there is any topics at Spells 8 on Advance Magick or Wiccan? I have been looking but haven’t found anything, Any suggestions on where there might be an area on Advance Magick or is this just for beginner? I was just wondering, Still love the website.


What exactly are you looking for in terms of “Advanced” practice? I don’t think there is anything specific on Spells8, but when we get into more advanced practices it usually means we are narrowing down on different subjects. I don’t think I’m explaining it well, but Thorn Mooney has a good video on the idea of advanced witchcraft books if you’d like to watch it.

Ari the Oak Witch has a good video about it, too.


Thank you very much , I will watch the videos


You’re welcome :blush:


Hi @Kalight!

That’s a great question and I think the answer depends on what your idea of an Advanced Practice is. Like Megan mentioned, an advanced witch is one who has specialized in their Craft. For example, astrology, ceremonial magic, cultural studies, psychology, philosophy, etc.

What I suggest is finding something that you are good at: Writing, painting, making music, crafting tools, potions and jars, researching, listening to others, healing… There are so many paths to choose!

We discussed this in an earlier topic here: Will we be told when all lessons are finished?