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Hey family i really some advice. I want to use my tarot cards. I have gone through the course on and loved it. Im struggling with what questions to ask and what spread to use. I begin to feel intimated and overwhelmed so i do nothing and thats produces another set of emotions that can down spiral. Please help



If your new to them I’d start with just pulling one card everyday or a three card spread, but I’m not an expert I’m still new to tarot also maybe a more experienced reader can help you. Those are just the two easiest for me to do right now.


Whenever I’m stuck, I use this list:

And if those don’t work, search Google for questions to ask Tarot Cards - it tends to find hundreds more you can ask :slight_smile: It got easier over time for me! Lots of practice and listening to my intuition before I asked more than “what do I need to know about my day?”

I hope that helps!


Unless I have a pressing question, I usually just pull one card a day for a message I need to hear. I do a monthly reading (using this spread) and I do a weekly reading using my own mind/body/spirit spread.


Thank OMG I think I have ass that was exact question a thousand times and when I Venture off to ask anything else I am stomped.
Thank you so much for the link for the reading material I would definitely check that out


The one car today advice is really good thank you so much for that that is simple and beneficial lives get so caught up in my own head I’m making more difficult than it needs to be thanks sis


Hello @sea,

I know the feeling- in tarot (and many other areas of magick too!) it’s easy to be really excited and want to jump in, but the sheer amount of info and methods and spreads and knowledge out there can make it really intimidating and overwhelming to actually get started :sweat_smile:

You’ve got some great advice here- I want to put in a vote for the one card a day routine too! I’d recommend drawing one card and putting it on your altar or somewhere you can see it. You don’t have to do anything- just by letting it be in your space and in your awareness, you’ll begin to tune in to its energies and make a bond with that card. You can repeat it every day- it can help you bond with and learn the meanings of your cards :blush:

I also like to bond with shuffling my cards. You don’t have to ask any questions or do any work- just sit, shuffle, and spend time with your deck. No one likes to be around just to be used, right? I think the cards enjoy being out and around you just for the sake of spending time with you too :flower_playing_cards: :handshake:

It sounds to me like you are already doing great in your practice- relax and enjoy the journey! When it comes to tarot, there are no deadlines and no requirements. Learn and practice at your own pace, and that is plenty good enough :heart:

Good luck and blessed tarot studies! :sparkles:


That takes some pressure off from feeling like i have to do some elaborate spreads everyday. Thank u all for ur advice.

The one card spread is gonna be me start.


Just sitting with them shuffle them…very simple and very powerful steps i forgot while studying. When my mind gets involved i overthink it. Thank u so much for this.


Thank all of you sisters who took the time to respond.
Many desired manifestions to all of u causing no harm to none
Blessed Be


Oh that’s okay :laughing: That happens sometimes! I often find myself wanting to pull cards but then not have a question. When that happens, I just take it as a sign that someone needs to give me a message and I read the cards as they come :pray: :sparkles:

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It’s my pleasure, @sea! I completely understand the overthinking- it can be stressful, but I also think it’s a sign of how excited and eager someone is to learn what they are working on :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your tarot studies- blessed be! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:

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