Advice on Green witch oracle deck

Ok i have a query about the green witch oracle deck. They have food like fruit and vegitables right and associations such as elements and astrological signs but here is where im confused…

Ok so from this card i know its beetroot and means passion.

Fair enough, thats straight forward enough.

But here is where things get confusing… i noticed that the cards all have element symbols as well as astrological symbols…

So from this card it says beetroot is associated to Leo and earth🤔

But the guide book says the astrological sign is saggitarius which is a fire sign.
Also i checked amd leo is also fire sign.
It would make sense why fire sign associated to red vegitable based on colour but the card has earth symbol not fire. . .

And to make things evrn more confusing thinking maybe card or guidebook had just misprinted and i found beetroot is actually associated to Scorpio sign which is a water sign but looking up magical properties of beetroot i found beetroot is associated to earth… but none of earth astrological signs either on card or in guidebook… so im now confused as to which astrological and elememt sign im going with.

Has anyone used green witch oracle before ? Or anyone have any clarification or insight into this that might help to figure this out ? Im so confused right now…
Im not sure if its just some cards that might have different astrological signs or elements associayed to fryits vegitables or herbs in this particular deck but i thought maybe id ask if anyobw migt be able to shed sone light on this. Its got me going in circles.


@Phoenix_Fire okay… so I’m just letting you know that I see this & I’m going to have to look at the card & read it again… because… right now… I am a bit confused myself… & have never used these cards.

So I will be back with a better answer…



I have never used this deck :tarot_card: but I agree with you it is confusing. :thinking: I have a deck, Thoth Tarot, published in the 80s. I was studying astrology at the time, and this deck has astrological symbols on them, so I bought it. I soon discovered there were a few errors in the little guidebook, but I overlooked that because I read the cards from an astrological perspective. Anyway, I hope @Susurrus finds an answer for you because now I’m curious.

Hugs :hugs:


My first instinct is to say that either the card or the guidebook is misprinted with a typo. When it comes to associations of different plants, fruits, and vegetables, it’s possible that many people have different associations with them. So what the creator of the oracle deck believes about beetroot may be different than what some of the other sources say that you’re looking at.

I did some digging but couldn’t find any information on it being a typo or misprint, so maybe no one noticed it until you just now! I think the best thing to do would be to reach out to the creator of the deck and just ask about it since it’s confusing you. Then you can get a direct answer for the creator and know what they meant.

I don’t think the astrological sign and the element are necessarily connected, but again, that’s another question for the creator.


I haven’t found anything that didn’t just confuse me more.

I would reach out to the creator too for some insight or clarification… maybe it is misprinted & no one has said anything.

The only thing that I could come up with for the Earth :earth_element: is that its a root vegetable so when being harvested it comes from beneath the earth


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