After Samhain Tea Time

Good day/night/morning/evening to everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and I would like to take this time to have another tea this week. We can check in with each other and how our weekend and celebrations went.

Choose any tea/coffee/juice and do a small meditation to calm your mind and let us know what activities you had going on, altar decorations, rituals, spells… and just how your weekend went in general.

I look forward to hearing about everyone’s celebrations this weekend!


Sounds good!! I’ll be home carving a pumpkin since it will probably be raining outside! :cloud_with_rain: :jack_o_lantern:


My daughter carved 2 pumpkins this week & did an amazing job too! I hope yours come out fantastic also!


Will do! Check back after weekend. Be fun to hear everyone’s Samhain stories. Great discussion over Tea-time…
Blessed be.


This is a really lovely idea, @Krissie117- thank you so much for putting it together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I split the weekend into two parts: festivities for Halloween and my bday, and a quiet meditation time with a (very small) Samhain altar :candle: I went into more details in this post, but I could really use some quiet tea time to recovery from a wild weekend!

I think I’ll make a nice cup of chai with honey this afternoon and look back at it all.

I mentioned it in the discussion about wonky feelings, but as of this morning that strange energy that had been harassing me has seriously backed off! :raised_hands: With the holidays behind me and the start of the new year I feel refreshed.

I know several others reported feeling kind of off last week- how is everyone doing now that the weekend is over?

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I had a really weird energy last week. It was a strong pull, but not necessarily dark, just off and weird. Like waiting for something to happen, but it was something big.

I went with my friend to celebrate Samhain under the full moon and we had a bonfire and a dumb supper. That was lovely. Once we got all set up and called quarters. We also had a nice chamomile, lavender, and mint tea. We each did a jar spell, my mind went blank, so I did one for money. I put quartz, turquoise, and mugwort in the jar and sealed it with wax. Since I drew a blank, I forgot to put the bill inside before I sealed it. So I sealed the bill around the jar with the wax. Now it lives on my shelf next to my Goddess statue with a couple of other jars. It was a great time though. It was cold! I had brought my favorite witchy blanket that says I am 100% that witch. I bought it at Walmart I believe, but it’s soft and I love it. Once I got home I went right to sleep. I woke up on Sunday and was doing witchy things in my room. I cleaned up my shelves and rearranged the items on them and my altar, I lit a black and white candle on my altar. All of this led to me cleaning up my whole space. I was in a good mood and made up spritz bottles of Florida Water for my friends that I was with the night before as a gift for having me join them. I did a 7 card spread for the week ahead and then I remembered that I had 3 cards that I was supposed to read that day from the Dumb Supper that chose me, so I read them and then did a regular 3 card spread for the day. They were all basically telling me to persevere even in difficult times and that things are going to work out they way they should and I am heading in the right direction with what I am doing to get to my end goal.

The big thing I noticed yesterday, was that I felt better. There was no lingering feeling of weird energy, everything had washed away with the rain and wind. So I feel really good this week about going forward.


Hey, there hon! My weekend went pretty good, other than the time change making my sleep off. I don’t know why we have to change, just pick one or the other and stick to it. I ate too much, watched RHPS more than once, and basically had a good time.

Glad you had a good weekend @krissie117, and that that weird energy that you had going on is better.


I’m glad your Tarot readings were encouraging and you’re feeling better! :smile:

Sounds like you had a really nice ritual with lots of powerful ingredients and signs. Your friend is really great for being with you during the Samhain night.


Glad to hear you are feeling better too, @Krissie117! And also that you had such a lovely Samhain experience :blush:

And oh I share the same feelings about Daylight Savings Time, @Kasie! We got an extra hour about a week and a half ago (slightly different here than in the USA) and I am so ready to be done with the whole process. I hope it goes out of style soon- I always feel confused for a few days after it happens! :laughing:


I’m having some difficulties sleeping as it is, with my medications changing. I don’t need the extra hour to be awake at four am, no matter when four in the morning comes. LOL.


Oh, @kasie I know what you mean! Why do we have to move the clocks? My sleep is scattered at best lately. So now I’m waking up and have no idea what time it is based on the outside.


The only thing good about driving home when it’s so dark is that the sun isn’t hitting you in the eyes anymore. Still, I wish they’d pick a time and stick to it.


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