Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

Found this very good YouTube video that describes what you would learn of Alchemy in years of study in less than an hour.

For those of you interested on Alchemy, Hermetecism etc.

It touches a lot on Wicca as well.



Hey thanks! This is interesting!


There have been a few Alchemy videos on my YouTube suggestions list lately- I admit I’m curious about it, but I know there’s a lot and I’ve been too intimidated by the sheer mass of info out there to really jump in! :sweat_smile:

This looks like a great introductory video- and all the better if it ties into Wicca/witchcraft too! :star_struck:

Thank you so much for this recommendation, @Temujin_Calidius- it’s going on my to-watch list! :sparkles:


Thank you @Temujin_Calidius! I did get to watch the beginning and it’s very interesting, definitely something to take notes on. I believe it said, Michelangelo was also into Alchemy so that really peaked my curiosity because I only know him as one of the great masters of art. I saved this to watch later. Great info!!
Also if you ever get the Gaia channel, great stuff on there, but they have a series called Mystery Teachings and it covers Alchemy and many other fascinating subjects. Definitely worth the subscription!


Hey @christine13, yeah I have a yearly subscription and Gaia and have watched all of those :smiley: