Aleister Crowley's Coffee Consecration ☕

I love coffee magic! I have at least one cup every morning and, while I blend it, I say a little spell to help me have the energy I need without feeling like crap later!

I haven’t tried it with my tea, yet, but I will. I drink Yogi Honey Lavender tea before bed, so I could definitely infuse it with more magick to help me sleep better.

Thanks for sharing!


I’ve only heard of using tea. Loved learning about this coffee magic…Let’s face it, coffee is a glorious, magical beverage! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :coffee:


It’s water made from beans that gives you energy and makes you warm and fuzzy inside. Of course it’s magick! lol my favorite beverage <3


I put a ‘black tea’ bag in my cup, turn on the coffee and brew it and then add whatever I like into it. Yummy!!!


I’m with you, @Francisco! Definitely a preference for tea :tea: :blush: But this is very interesting information about coffee magic and Crowley- and a good reminder that it’s a great practice to be mindful and appreciative while brewing! :coffee::yum:

Wow- a mixture of both black tea and coffee! :hushed: I’ve never heard of this before, it sounds really interesting! I imagine it’s got a very strong kick of caffeine! :laughing: What do you usually add to it, @janelle? :blush:


These are just a few of the tea’s I use that are already made. Below are some of my favorite herbs and spices to make my own blend!

When it comes to the coffee, I can’t even lie, I use the k-cups! They are just so easy and the cups have value in being reusable lol.

I start with grabbing whichever tea bag or if I am making my own, I say a little morning blessing and tell myself how my day will go.

Black tea is great for, you guessed it, an energizer!

Red tea is great for connecting to the earth because of it’s high mineral count and Red tea is also known for its ability to improve heart health.

I have Mint- vitality, prosperity, and safe travels
** Star Anise- luck and psychic awareness**
** Thyme- strength**
** Honey- sweeten my grumpy morning**
** attitude**
** Rosemary- removing negative energies**
** Lavender- purity and love**
** Cloves- protection**
** Cinnamon sticks- raising spiritual**
** vibration(I ran out so they aren’t pictured)**

I also add some French Vanilla creamer here and there lol.

When I am stirring my drink, I start counter clockwise to banish any lingering energies that attach themselves during the night or even from the previous day. I tell yesterday thanks for the lessons!
Then I stir clockwise to bring in the new energies of the day. To bring abundance in various forms. To be present in my life and express gratitude. I check in with myself doing a body scan.

Whew, that was a lot but I’m glad you asked @BryWisteria



Ohhhh this is such great info- thank you, @janelle! :coffee::two_hearts: I love how you included the uses for each of the herbs and spices too, it’s very helpful! :pray:

I especially love the use you wrote for honey :laughing::honey_pot: Sunny golden and sweet syrup is a great way to brighten up a morning mood! :joy: :+1: My mother always said that a spoonful of local honey helps to prevent colds and allergies too, not to mention that the tasty stuff is rich in antioxidants and fights bacteria and fungus! A very tasty addition to morning tea :coffee::yum:

I’m going through a chai craving right now- I think it’s my love for Autumn and the traditional flavors of fall, although my taste buds are pretty far ahead of schedule- there’s still two months before Mabon and the Autumn Equinox! :fallen_leaf: :laughing: But this post has really given me a craving for something with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger :orange_heart:

I’m not too experienced with red tea- this is great to know! :tea::two_hearts:


I was also really curious when you said you mix tea and coffee but I guess it’s a real thing! :laughing: I found this article on Food Republic with ideas for combining those two: Tea and Coffee: Together at Last

That was a great tour of your morning ritual, @janelle! Thanks for sharing!!


A dirty chai latte is delicious give it a try @Francisco :slight_smile:


I always stir my drinks with intention!
Clockwise to attract something or anti-clockwise to banish.
I’m always muttering something under my breath!
I’ll repeat it 3 times in a rhyme and ‘seal’ it with a pentagram and ‘so mote it be’
The pentagram is new - I can’t remember where I read this - probably somewhere on pinterest :sweat_smile: but it’s a very satisfying end to the ritual before drinking!

Here’s my favourite coffee mug just because :blush:


Ooh what a lovely mug! That’s funny bc my cousins name is Sparkle and I just got a message from her.


I love this, @Limeberry! :heart_eyes: I think I’ll give the stirring direction followed by the pentagram a try during at least one of my many daily cups of tea :coffee: Cheers- thanks for sharing! :heart:


A mug to fight muggles!! :coffee: :rofl:


This is so awesome! I drink loads of coffee so this is perfect for me. I have so many magickal things going on right now and this is going to help for sure. Thanks so much @Francisco for sharing this. I feel like I’m having the best day of my life. I plan on doing a ton of magickal reading today, I actually plan on reading out loud to my new wand to see if it can soak up some power from my words. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Just seeing this thread but I always charge up my coffee with a spell. :coffee: Some of my most powerful spells have been on coffees bought for friends.


When I make coffee for my husband I stir it clockwise from the crescent waxing moon to the Full moon and counter clockwise from the Waning Gibbous moon to the New Moon. He has terrible health issues and I call on good health to come to him in the waxing and the bad health to leave him in the waning. I stir it nine times. I really don’t bother much with my coffee.


Well said! Never underestimate the power of coffee :coffee:

When coffee arrived in Europe in the 16th century, clergymen pressed for it to be banned and labeled Satanic. :smiling_imp: But Pope Clement VIII took a taste, declared it delicious, and even quipped that it should be baptized.

via Smithsonian Mag


Luckily for me (avid coffee drinker) that Pope Clement VIII didn’t give in - however, not sure about “baptizing” the drink LOL. Perhaps when we personally bless/set positive intentions may be considered baptizing? Tomorrow morning, I will definitely take a step back and give it some thought. Sorry, I’m the one that rushes straight to the coffee machine, pour myself a cup, and just “go-for-it”! :coffee: :blush:


I ve never thought of using spell magic for coffee. This is something I would love to do, coffee is my main stay to keep me going all day. Can’t wait to try it.:hugs:


Thank you! I’m going to set index cards with blessings written on them by places I can add magick…like the coffee maker, teapot, etc., until I have a blessing "memorized " that really resonates with my soul. :sunflower: