🚩 All About Flags! How to Use the Flagging Feature in the Forum

You’re browsing through the forum, enjoying posts about Grimoires, spirit work, and collecting spells, only to see something that isn’t quite right :face_with_monocle:

Although it’s thankfully not very common in this space, every now and then you might come across a post that was accidentally shared or something that was posted without remembering the guidelines. Moderators will handle these posts when they reach them, but with the wonderful amount of content being shared here every hour around the clock, sometimes a user might come across a problematic post before a moderator does.

If and when this happens - no worries! There’s a forum feature ready to help you out, and it’s called Flagging :triangular_flag_on_post:

Read on to learn about flags and how you can use this handy forum tool!

What are Flags?

The flag feature allows users to alert moderators about a post in the forum by sending it to the Mod Team for review. It is the fastest and easiest way for a user to bring a post to the attention of the moderators.

Flags can be used anywhere in the forum including all categories (both public and exclusive for coven members). Flags can also be used in unmoderated Private Messages * :email:

(* PMs are not usually moderated out of respect for privacy, but all content shared within the forum is subject to the Forum Guidelines. If a message in a PM is flagged, moderators will be happy to step in and assist you)

Who Can Set Flags?

Almost everyone can set flags! The only group who cannot set flags is Trust Level 0 - these are brand new users who have only just arrived. Their forum features are on hold as they get their wings and figure out how to use the tools of the forum.

Anyone who has reached Trust Level 1 and above has the power to set flags.

When Should Flags Be Used?

All content shared within the forum is subject to the Forum Guidelines and the Site Terms of Service. Anytime you see a post or message that you feel is in violation of the site rules please feel free to send it over to the moderators for review.

This may include posts that contain:

  • Images and text taken from someone else without giving credit to the owner
  • Pirated books and works under copyright that cannot be shared online
  • Discussion about illegal activities
  • Bullying, harassment, and other forms of aggressive hate speech
  • Explicit content
  • Mature content that is not labeled with a Trigger Warning nor under a protective blur
  • (Please view the Content Safety - Talking About Mature Subjects in the Forum guide for further guidelines about which types of mature content are allowed and how to share about them safely)

When in doubt, feel free to send a post over to your friendly forum mods! We take the safety of the community very seriously and are always happy to take a look :handshake:

A note that flags are a safety feature and are not meant to be used to disagree with someone’s opinion. We are blessed with a wonderfully diverse community here and it’s natural to encounter beliefs that differ from your own. During these times, feel free to respectfully share your thoughts or choose to engage elsewhere in the forum. Thank you!

How Do I Flag a Post?

Okay! So you’re enjoying a discussion but suddenly see a post that contains something that shouldn’t be in the forum. What do you do?

It’s easy!

All you have to do is look at the bottom of the post- you’ll see several icons over to the left. Click on the three dots (…)

When you click on the three dots (…), a few things will open up and you will see a few additional icons that you can click on.

Click on the flag icon (:black_flag:) that has appeared.

Clicking on the flag icon does not immediately send the flagged post for review - first, a small pop up window will appear. This is where you can give a little more information about why you are setting the flag.

If you clicked the flag icon accidentally, you can click the “X” in the upper right corner of the pop up window to close the window (and no flag will be set).

Select which type of flag you wish to set and then click the blue “:black_flag: Flag Post” button at the bottom of the pop up window. For the first three options this will set the flag and send the post to the moderators for review.

If you select the final option “Something Else” as the flag type, a small message box will appear. You can write your reasoning behind setting the flag here. Click the blue " :email: Message" button to send the message and set the flag.

Flags Behind the Scenes

So what happens when you flag a post?

Flagged posts go straight to the moderators for review. All moderators currently in the forum will see the notification and it will be handled by the first mod who sees it. Sometimes, for complex or sensitive issues, mods may need some time to discuss together to find the fairest way to handle a difficult situation. However, most general guideline violations can be handled on the spot.

Depending on the outcome of the flag, you may receive an automated message saying that the Mod Team is looking into it. From there, the post will either remain (if it is found that the post is not in violation of the rules), be edited in line with site requirements (such as adding protective blurs/trigger warnings), or removed from the forum entirely (if it is found to be unacceptable content that violates the rules).

When editing or removing a flagged post, moderators will also reach out privately to the person who shared the post to check in with them and let them know why it was edited or removed, and to give a reminder about the guidelines.

Please note that only moderators can see who flagged a post - the original poster cannot see (and will not be told about) who flagged their content, out of respect for everyone’s privacy.

My Post Got Flagged! What Do I Do?

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes! As such, flags are less of a punishment and more of a tool of guidance. Additionally, accidental flags or flags that are not approved by a moderator will not count against the user.

If one of your posts was flagged and the moderator agrees with the flag, please wait to hear if something needs to be changed or edited. Together, we will walk you through anything that needs to be done so the post can be shared safely in the forum :blush:

If your post is found to violate the guidelines in such a way that it needs to be removed from the forum, please do not try to re-upload it again. Instead, carefully read the message from the moderators to understand why this post cannot be housed within the forum.

If after reading the message you still don’t understand, let the mods know! We are here and happy to help you with the guidelines.

A Note About Flags and Trust Levels

While flags are primarily used as a tool of guidance rather than a punishment, they are an important safety feature of the forum and used as a part of the Trust Level system. Please be aware that a user who accumulates numerous flags within a short period of time will not be able to reach Trust Level 3 status until enough time passes that their previous flags are cleared.

The current limit is:

Users must not have had more than 5 posts flagged by 5 different users in the last 100 days to qualify for promotion to Trust Level 3

If 100 days pass and 5 or fewer approved flags have been received, the user will be eligible to attain Trust Level 3 status once again.

Again: only approved flags will count towards this limit. Flags that are not approved by a moderator (such as accidental flags, or flags on posts found to be in line with the forum guidelines) do not count against the user.


While we always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and second chances to improve, we take the safety of this space very seriously. Please be aware that a user who continues to accumulate flags due to violations of the Forum Guidelines, does not make any effort to change despite intervention from the moderators, and is deemed to be putting the forum and its community at risk will be silenced or banned from the space in order to protect the community.

Flags give all members of the coven community the power to step up and help protect this special space. Thank you very much for helping us to keep the forum a safe and welcoming place for everyone to enjoy! :heart:

As always, if you have any questions about flags or how to use them, please feel free to ask in the comments below. You can also send a private message to @moderators.

Blessed be!


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