Altar questions

I’m kind of new to this altar decor but I just wanted to show mines I know everyone is going to have there own differences in deciding their altar but if anyone has any pointers or guidance on what a altar should actually have in it I’ll be more then welcome to take tips :smiling_face:


I would say there are no rules to what goes on an altar. I have three altars that serve different purposes and therefore are set up different.

My ancestors’ altar has pictures of passed relatives, a candle, offering bowl and goblet, and a few trinkets that I either associate with them or belonged to them.

My deities’ altar(s) have a statue for each deity, rich cloths in black and red, offering bowls and goblets, candles, incense, crystals, and lots of animal bones (I work with Hades and Hel).

My working altar varies with the season. Currently I’m celebrating Yule. I have gold and red altar cloths, a yule log, fake evergreen and Holly plants (hubby is allergic and I have pets), several candles, statues for the Lady and the Lord, crystals associated with the season, cauldron, athame, and my wand. I also have elemental representations: spice herbs for fire, feather for air, bowl of sea salt for Earth, and bowl of water for water. Lastly, I have a triquetra and pentacle.

There are a few resources on Spells8 related to setting up altars:

Here are some additional resources:


@Amaris_Bane has given you some great information!

I personally have 2 altar setups, also for separate things. One is on my nightstand. I have a space for Brigid & Her items along with passed on loved ones & that includes fur babies.

My main altar has space for the Morrigan & I typically do any crafting or workings there.

Everyone’s altars are going to be different in setup & items.

There is also a thread:

My larger altar, where I do most of my workings, a portion of it is pictured here. It’s only a portion, as it’s pretty large compared to my 2nd one & it’s continually changing.

I recently changed some of it again & found out that apparently I collect altar cloths :rofl:


:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: Same. I have a bunch and am always looking for me. I like to change mine out based on my feelings, intentions, and season.


Also… Same! Lol… I’m constantly looking at ones that call to me or I can use for a bit of a change.

I found… more than a few while cleaning up & consolidating in my space. So there was also some reorganization happening. :rofl:

Currently I’m on the hunt for more mason or other jars… I know we have them… but I believe a good portion of them are downstairs where my craft supplies have now been sort of put a little bit of everywhere over the last year or so :laughing:


@Siofra_Strega @Amaris_Bane thank you :blush: for the tips and pointers I’m very new to setting up my altar I thought it was a certain way you have to set up your altar Im differently going to look at the topics in do more research I’m still learning it’s so much to learn and remember it’s exciting to learning all these new techniques


@tink i agree with @Siofra_Strega and @Amaris_Bane theres really no right or wrong way to set up an altar. Always remember this is your path. No one else’s. Do u!!! Thats the joy of witchcraft. Magik is in everything and all around u.

This is my main altar, homage to my matron, Hekate and patron, Thor

My altar for The Morrigan

These are mine. The only thing i made sure of was that my main one faces north. And on my main altar i have a pentacle with 4 crystals around it. Each represents its element.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Thank You for the tips your altars are beautiful I’m learning different things at a time I thought I was doing my altar wrong but thanks to you all I can relax now in decorate my altar with things of my care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@tink awwwww thank u


I back @Amaris_Bane an altar should be as you wish. For as an example my goddesses, wand, athame, boline, bell and many other items are on the left, on the right are a large sea shell, a mini water fountain representing the element of water and my god of course, and at the top is some sacred dirt i have in a little tin with some pictures i drew of my deities. The choices are endless and say go with what you feel is right…


Ooh. So pretty. When I can get to my room, after the plumbers are done, I can get to re-do my altars. I have no choice :confused:


I think your altar looks great! And if it works for you then that’s what matters.

There aren’t really any “rules” to follow when putting an altar together unless you follow a specific tradition with specific rules. If what you have there works and serves a purpose then that’s all that matters.

And as Amaris said, there are different altars for different reasons and season! :heart: Each one will be setup differently depending on the person and the purpose. And it’s totally okay for your altar to change and grow over time, adjusting with your own practice and needs.

You’re so freakin’ sweet :sweat_smile: thank you!!


@christina4 why thank u. I used to have all of that cluttered on one altar it was a nightmare. Then mh hubby built me shelves for my jars and oils. So i was able to have more of my dresser


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Your Welcome :hugs:


@MeganB Thank You I watched your cleansing and changing your altar video on your YouTube channel I absolutely love the video


Thank you so much! :heart: I appreciate that a lot!


@MeganB Your Welcome :hugs:


I finally remembered to take pictures of my altars!

My deities’ altar. Hades is on the left and Hel on the right.

My ancestors’ altar is a wall of pictures of those that have passed.

My working altar was recently moved from my bedroom to the kitchen island. It’s currently decorated for Yule.


@Amaris_Bane Gorgeous Altars :star_struck: I do have one question are the offering bowls glass bowls or plastic bowls does it really matter on what kind of offering bowls they are


It honestly doesn’t matter. Hades’ is porcelain and Hel’s is metal. I use small glass/porcelain sauce bowls to hold water/salt/herbs. I honor my late mother-in-law by using some of her china. I have a large serving bowl as my money bowl, a small bowl and tea cup with plate for my working altar for offerings/cakes & ale (practice of blessing “cakes & ale”, consuming some, then offering the rest to your guides/spirits/Lady & Lord. I use red wine and either bread or shortbread cookies.).

My offering bowl when I worked with Aphrodite was an abalone shell and Apollo’s was a soap dish with sunflowers.

I always encourage using what you have first then buying if needed. Use what you feel called to use. Some that work with the Norse pantheon use horn for bowls/mugs.