Altar work

Good morning all from a dull UK!

I was just wondering about altars - most ask for food based offerings, for example today’s Feralia offerings. But I live in a place often targeted by mice so I cannot leave food out. And with the cost of living crisis, ever single bit of food is needed. Is there an alternative I can do?


I offer incense. I can’t leave food out either and I hear Mom’s voice about throwing away and wasting good food, so yeah. Incense. I offer it with this prayer.

Lord and Lady, I give you this gift of smoke and scent,
May it give you as much pleasure as it is meant.
Bless the smoke to purify and protect,
as it is given with the most reverence and respect.

I think we did a whole Weekly Witchy challenge on offerings. Not sure, @TheTravelWitch_Bry would know. Maybe that will give you some ideas.

Hope this helps!


I will try that :slight_smile:

We want to do a little Feralia altar today for my grandad who passed in November. I need to get creative, maybe if I can’t leave food, I can leave something instead that represents that particular type of food/drink. I find it hard to deviate from the “instructions” given, I feel like if I don’t follow word for word, I’ll annoy someone!!


Hello @Nyxie_Rose,

Both the mice concern and the mindfulness about food costs are very valid reasons to not offer food- luckily, there are many other options of things you can offer to your ancestors! :blush:

@Amethyst shared a really gorgeous prayer- the time it takes to read, the breath you use to say it, and the intent of the words themselves are all very heartfelt offerings to share at your altar.

Additionally, I second what Amethyst said about incense- that is a great one to offer! Other non-edible offerings include lighting a candle, a bowl/glass/jar of water, flowers, or other interesting things you find while outside (feathers, stones, etc).

There was indeed a challenge about making offerings and the coven shared some very creative ideas! Here is the link- if you scroll down to the bottom, you can read the experiences and offerings shared by coven members:

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Making Magickal Offerings

I hope you can find the perfect offerings that work for you, Nyxie Rose- good luck and blessed Feralia!



The gods understand you tripping over your own tongue. This morning I messed up my usual morning prayer, it just totally left my mind! But I just went on and nothing bad happened. Laughter can be part of the ritual if you let it.


@Nyxie_Rose I can understand the not wanting to deviate… however, once I started using what felt more comfortable to me & as long as my intention & focus remained the same. As well as being grounded… tweaking any spell or ritual to be able to have it work for your purposes… is only going to make it more connected to you & your path.

I am the Queen :crown: of tweaking spells & rituals, especially when I first started because maybe I didn’t have a specific color candle :candle:, herb :herb:, incense, tool… whatever it may be. I have substituted candles with birthday candles, tealights, battery operated candles. I have substituted herbs with either rosemary or an herb that corresponds to the same things that I do have, the same with crystals you can make them more specific or use something closely related to the what is written in the spell or ritual. It’s all in what you have & can offer… & that your intention & focus remains for the goal in mind. :hugs: The deities & spirits will completely understand & would rather it be something connected to you personally as well as appropriate for them. :people_hugging:


I’m of the opinion that, unless the Gods or Spirits have told you otherwise, there’s almost always a substitution or alternative! Many others have already given you some great answers about alternatives and other things you can use or give as offerings. Because others have already given you specifics, I’d like to offer up my viewpoint on offerings

→ an offering is any type of sacrifice that one gives to a spirit or higher power; sacrifice can be a loss of time, energy, or physical goods.

So for me, any amount of time it takes me to make something can be seen as an offering. Any object, written word, etc. can be an offering as well!

Oh you don’t have to do this at all! The beauty of witchcraft outside a tradition is that you have the power to decide how you practice. If you need to use an alternative, use an alternative! :clap: It shows great skill and knowledge that you have the ability to choose an alternative that works in place of the original one that is recommended.


Oh, my Darling girl, the Gods aren’t that regimented. Any offering is appreciated. I put loose change in the offering bowl or flowers from the lawn. If my husband takes it out, then he was meant to. No fire and brimstone.

She/He knows your thoughts and intentions before you even think about them.
I think I left Christianity because My Deity is loving and forgiving. She/He would rather love their children than punish them. Deity is kind and loving.

She/He weeps for the earth because as the Guardians of this precious garden, we have failed. She also knows that everything changes and evolves, it’s the way she created our blue pearl to fail and then renew.
Love and Blessings


I just wanna say thank you to everyone :slight_smile: I’m slowly learning things don’t need to be followed to the ‘T’ and I am starting to feel really good about it.