Am not ready

Why do a lot of people on Facebook feel like am a helper or a big witch, I don’t have any post on my dp saying I can perform anything
But I get messages like
Help me cast a love spell
Help me get powers
Help me get money
Help me get a job
Although I did a prayer for a Philippine friend and she got a job but am not ready yet to help people
I hope you understand that I want to help but then am still learning :pensive:
U know the amusing part when I ask them why chose me to do such for you, they reply because I feel connected that u alone can help me
But am helpless here


I felt the same way @amara
I thought I couldn’t help people, but eventually, I began to believe in myself. I’m sure you will too. All in good time…


Honestly, neither am I, the key is, to be honest with yourself about whether or not you are ready.

I always felt I was in some way supposed to help people, I just never knew how that was because it didn’t seem like I had that ability. It would pop out every now & then, but I had some things to work through. One very important piece is your own self-love :heart: & appreciation for your accomplishments & acceptance of yourself. :hugs: (easier said than done, I know. Here I am 2 years later just cracking that wall, this place helped with that tremendously :infinite_roots:)

You will get there, but make sure you do it in your own time.


It will come, I’m sure. Most of my friends have no idea that I’m practicing. My mom and husband do, a few dear friends, but right now I am enjoying this journey with myself and I don’t really want to focus on anyone else but me! Maybe eventually, but all that I am learning and doing is fulfilling something inside of me. It’s ok to take time to enjoy that! Baby witch or big witch! (And for what it’s worth, I am definitely a baby witch still!)


Well said @AileyGrey, you bring up a very good point that it is always okay to put yourself before any workings, socialization, or information sharing that you do. Focus on yourself & what you want to be able to achieve.

I am an Empath & I started embracing self-love :heart: & appreciation very slowly & when it came time I reached out for support. I am doing much better, but I still am always working on self-love :heart: & grounding myself. I also release energy from myself & I am slowly working on balancing the energy within me & healing wounds, whether passed down or otherwise affecting me in an unbalanced or blocked way. I have also found that my friends, understand that I am going through some things so I am more, at home & not socializing like I used to, I’m working on my roots. They start at home, not elsewhere. My friends, know that & they still check-in & will invite me places, but they know that I may not come. Fortunately, now that chance is much higher that I will go, it’s just a matter of how long I will stay there.

Focus on yourself & your beliefs & your practice. Appreciate what you have accomplished & build from there. :hugs:


Greetings @amara!

You’ve already got some really great advice here from others, so just want to say I support you 100% :heart::blush: You know where you are in your practice, and you will know when (and if) the time is right for you to share your talents, as well as which as which talents you are ready to share, with others. No need to rush it!

Witchy talents are in big demand out there- so as a friendly tip, if you feel overwhelmed by the requests, I would recommend not sharing or making it known that you are training these skills on non-witchy sites- at least until you are ready.

Feel free to be open about it in witchy groups, though! :grinning: If you stick to talking about magick in witchy groups and places you’ll be much less likely to get swamped with requests- as you are among fellow witches who are also training their skills and practicing :woman_mage: :handshake:

Wishing you all the best- blessed be, Amara! :two_hearts: