An experiment with charm casting - Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

Happy Saturday! For this week’s challenge, Divining Differently , I decided to try my hand at charm casting.

What is charm casting?
Charm casting is a divination method that uses objects to represent different things. They can include bones, charms, dice, pretty much any small object you want to include. These charms are then thrown onto a surface and where/how they land is interpreted.

It is believed that charm casting may have evolved from osteomancy, or divining answers from bones. There are no rules when it comes to charm casting. You can use whatever objects you want, decide what they mean to you, and interprete them how you feel called.

What do you need?

  • Charms, trinkets, small objects to cast
  • An object to stir or shuffle the objects, such as a box, bowl, or bag
  • A surface to cast your charms on. This can simply be a table or you can use mats/paper with sections on it. It’s recommended to use something that has some wall or form of containment to keep the charms on the casting area. I often use my mat on a tray I found at Dollar Tree.

How many charms do I need?
Simple - however many you want! From my research, it’s recommended to start casting with only a few charms. While you may have many charms in your box, you will only select a few to cast. I have been doing a small handful that ranges from 5 to 15 charms. You will want to make sure you find a charm to represent yourself in the casting as well.

Write your charm meanings
Once you have your charms, you want to designate what they mean. Some may be literal, such as a house charm to represent your home. Others may give you a different meaning when you are working with them. While there are a lot of resources on the web that give recommend meanings, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what they mean. I used Emerald Lotus Divination’s charm list as a starting point.

Reading a cast
You have your charm meanings and have cast a few charms on your surface. Now what? There are a couple approaches to reading the cast.
1. Start with the “me” charm. Find the charm that represents you in the cast and start reading in a clockwise direction from there.
2. Start with the charm that catches your attention. If you don’t have a “me” charm or it wasn’t included in the cast, or just because, you can start with the charm that grabs your attention the most. From there work in a clockwise direction.

As you read the charms, pay attention to:

  • Groupings: which charms are grouped together? Are there some ontop of others? Groupings generally tell a story of the charms together. For example, in my cast below, I have several charms that form a chain. Starting with the notebook, I read this as keeping track of myself (notebook on the Self position), I will build my confidence (crown) and peace of mind (sun). This process will allow me to nurture my relationships (lovebirds).

  • Charms with direction: some charms have the ability to “point” towards others. Below, the Raven is touching the snake w/ moon charm pointing towards the leaf. To me, this means I need to use my courage (Raven) to overcome fears (snake w/moon) which leads to the end of cycles (leaf), likely negative cycles as the leaf is upside down.

I hope that this “lesson” on charm casting has been informative. I’m excited to continue exploring this method of divination and see where it leads me.


That is really cool! Where did you get your mat?
This is a good way to customize and make divination very personal in my opinion.
Do you use this method often? if so, How is the accuracy on it?


Very interesting. How long have you been using this method?


I love this!! I have seen charm casting a little bit, and I’ve wanted to collect a set of charms to do it myself. I really love all of the information you shared, especially your tips for reading!

Off to go look into collecting my own set. You have totally inspired me. :heart:


@Sarafeena_Sage I purchased the mat from Emerald Lotus’ Etsy shop. She has several options as well as charm sets in her shop.

@Sarafeena_Sage and @john.knox I started collecting charms about a month ago but have not actually tried my hand at casting until this week. So far, the accuracy is pretty spot on. I do a daily 3-card tarot pull and they have been aligning with the charm casting. I plan to continue to do the charm casting to supplement my tarot as it seems to give a little more direction and/or clarification to my pulls.

@Melora_Fae Yay!! I purchased a set from Emerald Lotus’ shop above as a starting point. I then went through several charms I already had to see if any called to me. I then went to Michael’s to find some specific ones I wanted. I plan to add some dice to my set to add a numerology aspect to the readings.


That’s so interesting! I would have never thought of that. It looks like you can get very in-depth with it.


Yes! You can do a single pull all the way up to all your charms. It’s really up to you on how many you use. I’m starting with a smaller number to practice. Emerald Lotus has other mats in her shop that are way more complicated.


This is very cool! I tend to collect “small things” and that would be a great use for them!

Episode 9 of the anime “Flying Witch” has something similar to this (it’s called in the translated subtitles “Stone throwing fortune telling” (as a joke to the name being very obvious) and the character uses all minerals and gems, but I see a direct parallel to what you described. I tried to take a nice clear screen shot but Amazon Prime video is pretty tricky about blocking screen shots, so here’s a less crisp video of my screen from my phone:

(no way would those stone spheres stay nicely in place when cast like that! lol)


Thank you for sharing! I am so excited to start collecting my charms! This calls to me!
What are some of the charms you are using?


@crystal5 I have several charms. I bought a mystery set from Emerald Lotus’ shop as well as had a bunch already for jewelry that I never used. Some of these I’m still trying to work out a meaning.

PS -ignore the cat hair, my black cat decided it was a bed today.

My “seeker”/“me” charm is a High Priestess tarot charm (in between the comb and star wand). The little skull is my current charm for Hel

The gold snake is my Hades charm.

I mix them in a box then take a small handful to cast on my mat.


Thank you for sharing! I am going to go order a small pouch.


That is an interesting idea. I have a number of small stones that I could use.
The clip played nicely. Thank you for sharing.


The possibilities here are amazing- what a great method of divination! :star_struck: And so accessible too, I imagine most people have some type of trinkets or collection around they could use for charm casting.

This is really awesome, Amaris- thank you not just for introducing a fun method of divination, but also for sharing your experience and walking us through how you read your own charms. It was both interesting and educational! :sparkles: Really great work! :heart:


I’ve always wanted to try charm casting! :heart: I love all of your charms and how personalized charm casting can be. Thank you for explaining your process in an easy-to-understand – now I just might pick up some charms!


I am glad everyone is enjoying my foray into charm casting. It’s been quite fun and a great learning experience. I’ve learned that the meanings of charms will morph slightly based on what they are around.


I absolutely love the box you store them in!

I used to collect tiny things, I had itty bitty dice, charm bracelets, collectible thimbles, tiny porcelain animals. I lost all of them though when I had to leave Arizona decades ago.

I do have a couple tiny things I’ve collected, I’ll have to add those to a charm kit from Etsy when I grab one!

I am going to keep my eyes open for tiny things again. :grin:

Edit: I want to reiterate that your post really inspired me, I’ve loved the idea of charm casting since I heard of it, but you’ve made it so accessible and easy to understand, I’m excited to get started. :heart::game_die:


Impressive my young Texan, Your powers are growing stronger. (Sorry, Yoda made me do it~)
Love and blessings


@Melora_Fae I’m so happy my experiment has encouraged you to give it a try! I have a natural teaching ability (taught while in grad school and my students told me I was the best TA/lecturer they even had) so I work hard to make sure I explain things in a way that is accessable and everyone can understand.

@Garnet Love Yoda, I do! And thank you!