Ancestor Water

Ancestor Water

Great water to keep in your pantry because it does not expire


  • Blessings for birth or death
  • Offering for ancestors
  • Receive protection from ancestors
  • To connect with your ancestors
  • Aids in communication & work with ancestors
  • Used on ancestor altar


  • Bottle
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Bay leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Boiling water
  • High proof alcohol or distilled water
  • Shot glass
  1. Cleanse bottle
  2. Hold eucalyptus and lavender in hands and bless, then put it in a mixing bowl
  3. Add boiling water and stir clockwise
  4. Take a handful of bay leaves and bless, then crush them up with your hands and add to mixture
  5. Bless rosemary and add to mixture
  6. Pour 2 shot glasses of liquor into mixture
  7. Stir clockwise while focusing on intent
  8. Strain & bottle

Maybe add Florida water (for ancestor magic)?


Thank you for this! I have recently been guided to connect with my amceators & to listen & give gratitude. This will be perfect for my offering & water element!

I hope you have been well! It’s been a while since i have seen you! :hugs:


This would make a lovely offering on an ancestor altar or in spirit work- thank you so much for sharing your recipe, @carter1! :raised_hands: :blush:


I actually have to make some today once my daughter is off to her classes for the morning :sunrise: . She takes sailing :sailboat: 4 mornings a week for the duration of the summer :sun:

I’m going to add it to my chalice on my altar that I have set up for some loved ones that have crossed over & have been adding things to it until it’s just right. I’m going to use a white, black, & red candle. :smiling_face: