Ancestors and Loved ones

So I’m sure everyone has heard the term Momento Mori. It’s been used in movies, songs, books, for all ages.

Here is the definition of the term.

In English, the phrase is pronounced /məˈmɛntoʊ ˈmɔːri/, mə-MEN-toh MOR-ee .

Memento is the 2nd person singular active imperative of meminī , ‘to remember, to bear in mind’, usually serving as a warning: “remember!” Mori is the present infinitive of the deponent verb morior ‘to die’.[4]

In other words, “remember death” or “remember that you will die”.[5]

So let me talk about the meaning and how it applies to everyday life.

As a practitioner we are always drawing energy from somewhere. We celebrate Samhain to be reminded of those before us that are no longer here. We celebrate the time, the knowledge, the life lessons, and the good and bad memories we had with them.

If you always remember that one day you too will die, and your existence here in the physical form will cease to exist then use it as a daily reminder to live your life to the fullest.

No one is guaranteed another day. The 3 of us always give thanks for every day we wake up and take that first breath of fresh air. We focus on all the possitive things around us. We won’t always be here together.

We are thankful for the little things. Being together, our pets, our children, our grandchildren. We try everyday to be the best we can be. We make sure we treat others with kindness, and respect. We all know how it feels to be treated poorly so why treat others poorly.

I’m always asking everyone how is your day going. I stay and listen and read their aura. Sometimes someone just needs to hear a voice and know someone truly cares about them. This goes for friends and strangers. Everyone that you come in contact with in life has a purpose. I don’t believe in chance.

Think of rushing into the busy grocery store, ready to get in and get out so you can rush home, eat, go to bed and start the next day. You are tired, cranky and 1 stranger says hi how’s it going. Maybe they say long day huh? Or ask you about what your cooking. That small moment in time their possitive energy can change your mindset and your mood. Most people don’t think about this interaction.

Next time you are having an off day see if anyone asked you how you are doing. Do the same to others and see if it changes them.

Think of all the times you are shopping, listen to the radio, watching TV, pass somewhere in the town you grew up, etc. And you think of a past loved one or friend. Those thoughts are small bundles of energy. You can use them to harness your own power and make you stronger as a person.

We all have something past down through the ages. Someone’s great great great grandmother past something down and that person may not have realized it. Then one day snap your great grandmother told me about her great mother making this pie. Then you crave that pie, you can smell it, taste it, imagine it in your mind.

I’m not real good at examples but take a moment everyday and think of the things you have learned and picked up from family, friends, strangers.

The girls like to keep a journal and everyday they can find something that they never really thought about. Whether it’s music, cooking, dancing, etc.

All those little things were once small or even large moments in time. Some have huge impacts, some haven’t been discovered yet.

Take the time to be thankful of all you have learned from the interactions. Take time to think about your life now. How do you want to be remembered? What can you pass down? Who’s life can you impact?

Focus on possitive energy. We all have stress, anger, sadness, but with what little time we have here every moment we let those feelings take over is a moment that could be used for something else.

Yes I posted this because of a death in our family, but for years we don’t look at it as death. We celebrate the time we had and appreciate what we gained. We know their energy is still around.

I hope this helps and sorry if it’s all jumbled and all over the place. Still processing the day and typing what comes to mind.


Again, im sorry for your loss! As i read this, I started to cry. I make sure to say hello, how are you or just smile. Because you never know what somebody is going through. I remember being in high school and their was a transgender kid in school. His name was Michael. I always smiled his was and said hey. One day he actually had a nice conversation with me. He told me about how often he was bullied. And he said my smiles made getting through the day worth it. I hadn’t thought about a simple thing such as a smile could help someone make it through the day. After a while, i hadn’t seen Michael. I thought he was sick or suspended. I later found out he was beat then when he went home he hurt himself to the point of no return. My heart still aches for Michael. I did make a difference. I also named my son Michael. Anyway, you never know how much an impact you make to somebody. So, think about it!


I am really sorry for your loss. This is really powerful. Thanks for sharing, Daniel!

New Orleans has a tradition of marching slowly to the graveyard while mourning. And then a ceremony and a dancing jazz party on the way back to the church, where there’s food and drinks. The party continues from there.

I think that’s the best ritual: Mourn, but also celebrate.


Thank you Daniel, this was very moving and spot on!


This was beautiful to read :heart: . Your writing has so much emotion and power, I actually read through this twice! Thank you so much for sharing and the reminder of a very important and always relevant life-lesson. It is so easy to get swept up in the business of the day and let life pass by around me. This was a much-needed reminder to take the extra time, even just a few seconds, to reach out to someone else. To check-in, have a chat, or even just share a smile. For loved ones, friends, and strangers alike. There is no better moment than now :pray:

Thank you so much, @daniel4 :sparkling_heart:, and also to @christina4 for sharing such emotional and moving posts.


Beautiful wisdom. I love talking to people in line in the supermarket! I read the book, “The Five People You Will Meet in Heaven”. The main theme is that even small kindnesses can have a major impact on another person. This is advice to heed.


Sorry for your loss and beautifully written. It moved me today, I am having a hard time with something that happened yesterday and this, brightened my outlook on the day and what is going on. I hope you have good day and safe travels.