Angel/Repeating Numbers & Their Meanings

So, tonight I messaged a friend and the time stamp was 5:55. I had never seen that one that I could remember off hand so I wanted to know what it meant. I looked it up and was amazed at how much it resonated with me. As many know I have some things going on in my personal life right now that require big decisions. In January & February I was seeing 11:11 & 1:11 every day sometimes multiple times. Then after last weekend when I finally made the first decision, I haven’t seen them until tonight when I messaged her. I resonated so much with the meanings it was scary. They were so accurate for me. I wanted to share the website that I look them up:

Angel / Repeating Numbers


I’ve always followed these kinds of signs. Ever since I was a kid and even today I still see them. Especially those in ascending order. I really liked their post on 12:34. Very insightful!

Thanks for sharing, Krissie!


That’s amazing @Siofra- may the sign lead you towards many blessings and good things to come :blush: This is really interesting! Thanks so much for sharing this great resource :pray::sparkles:


Thank you @Francisco and @TheTravelWitch, I had always known they meant something, I honestly always chalked it up to the meant good luck. Little did I know that they meant so much more! I really started looking them up after I joined Spells8 for their actual meanings and the universe is talking to me about what I am doing and giving me advice.

You are so welcome, I figured if the site helped me so much, there have to be other people interested in the meanings as well. I hope everyone can make use of the site when they are seeing them too.