Angela's Symposium: Magic in Paganism, Wicca, Druidry with Prof Ronald Hutton

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Oh my! :open_mouth: Doctor Angela Puca dropped an awesome interview with Professor Ronald Hutton. The following information was pulled from the description of the video to whet your appetite. Editing in this: Enjoy the hour! :sweat_smile: So much good information from two experts in their fields.

00:00:00 Prof Hutton on Witchcraft in Paganism
00:02:37 The Role of Magic in Paganism
00:05:20 Magic and Modernity
00:07:38 Difference Magic and Witchcraft
00:09:20 The Four Definitions of Witch
00:12:30 Paganism in Italy, Britain and America
00:14:40 Magic to ‘Other’, oppositions to Witchcraft
00:16:32 Why is magic so feared?
00:18:25 Why Witchcraft always survives
00:20:12 Natural Magic and the Interconnection of Things
00:22:30 High Magic, Ceremonial Magic
00:23:45 Academic Concept of Magic versus What Practitioners think
00:31:00 Religiosity of Magic
00:34:20 The Scholarly Study of Magic, Attacks and Disagreements
00:36:10 Recommendations for Early-career scholars
00:43:20 Pantheism in Paganism (Wodenborn)
00:45:45 Is Magic practised more for religion or for results? (Wodenborn)
00:47:16 The Influence Academics play in (re)shaping Paganism (Dr Justin Sledge)
00:53:35 The Future of Pagan Studies, Social Media, Online Data (Andrew Reitemeyer)
00:58:26 A ‘fetch’ in systems of magic (Sean O’Flaherty)
01:01:50 Personal Final Remarks

The Triumph of the Moon
Blood and Mistletoe
The Witch


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This was such a great interview! Thanks for sharing it @praecog29!

I made some annotations for those who don’t have enough time to watch the video right now.

Difference between Magic and Witchcraft:

There isn’t a big difference in terms of what Magicians and Witches do, as they can operate in the same way. However Witchcraft is far more likely to be blended with pagan religions or traditions such as Wicca. Ceremonial Magic is not connected with deities or gods. In many ways, Ceremonial Magic is completely divorced from any religious systems.

"Witch" is a term with at least four possible definitions:

  1. A person who uses Magic for harm
  2. A person who uses Magic for any purpose (good or bad)
  3. Independent, rebellious, feisty, feminist woman.
  4. Practitioner of a Pagan religion.

They all are used together and interconnect with each other.

Why is Magic/Witchcraft so feared?

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians didn’t like witches because it empowered individuals in a way that may have been contrary to the common benefit. In the Christian theology, witchcraft manipulates the laws of nature and is contrary to God’s will and perceived as demonic. Modern rationalists interpret witchcraft as slipping back into the dark ages. So Magic is not widely accepted in the modern age because of these three conceptions.

Is Magic a religion?

Yes and no. It can be a religion and it can exist outside of a religion. It’s better to see Magic and religion as separate.

The emphasis on result-oriented Magic has become more prevalent but working with powers greater than yourself is the thrill in being a pagan.