Animal medicine

I posted this on one of my pages and thought I would share it here for discussion sake.
*Incoming long blog post starting…now…

When I started my journey I discovered animal medicine.
I researched and talked to wiser more seasoned people from different paths.
I came upon a woman who asked me to think of the animal I thought of when I was a child. An animal that has been guiding me. I’m so adhd, I could not calm my mind enough to think clearly. She stopped me from babbling and ask me if it was the alligator.
I stopped and thought about it. The first animal I always wanted to see was the alligator. My mother passed when I was very young. There are several stories during that part of my life where alligator came to me. Helping me protecting me. I will get more into that later.
So here is the question of the day.
What animal medicine do you need?
Can you think of the animal that makes you stop and think. Tell them thank you and show gratitude. They are with you more than you know, and have so much to teach you. Show them some love in the comments!!!


Great topic @sarah9. I have been surrounded by cats and dogs all my life, my dogs have always been there for me and they are the most important beings in my life (all my family has passed). I will protect them with every fiber of my being, I have made many sacrifices for them and will continue to do so.


Very cool! If I’ve learned from any animal I’d guess the mouse. Leave your home only for play or to forage for food and stay quiet when predators are around.


You may also be drawn to seagull.
Seagull is underestimated. I call on seagull often!!!lol


I’m fairly quiet in my little mouse hole, where seagulls aren’t. But seagulls are a pretty bird, I just don’t know much about them.


Cats have always been a part of my life since I can remember. My first cat my Oma found in the middle of the road. She had a partially broken tail and was a kitten. She was a calico and I named her Matilda, which was a popular movie for that time. I loved her with all my heart.
It’s hard for me to speak on my cats that have woven themselves into my heart being that I had to release two to the other side within weeks of each other earlier this year.

On another note, I had pet mice when I was a kid. One of my first step dad’s dogs had found a way to break into the cage. My mouse Robert took his last breath in my hands, he was paralyzed.
Anytime Nermal(bombay) and Savage(orange tabby, maine coon) find a mouse, we always try to shield the mouse and put it somewhere out of sight from the cats. Still, the cats always leave their ‘presents’ at the door, occasionally a small bird. I try my best to take a moment and thank the little critter for allowing the cats to act as they would in the wild and for the sacrifice they made in allowing the circle of life to continue.(Sometimes I get mad at the cats because I feel for the little guys. They have families too.)

I have always loved Owls, Foxes, Bats, and so many other animals.


I feel a connection with animals in phases- sometimes its elephants, which I have a family connection with :elephant:. I also love wolves- they are so elegant and powerful and can be a symbol for both a strong individual or the importance of a community :wolf: .

But recently I’ve felt myself drawn to bears- maybe it’s because I’m starting to feel like it’s time to hibernate! :bear::laughing:

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Definitely the barn owl or snowy owl. :snowflake::owl:I’ve been working with my owls for decades! I’ve dreamt about them, seen them meditated and worked with them that way. I have almost everything owl. :blush: