Another Project from the sewing machine

Tried my hand at making an altar cloth today. Took me about 30 min just to draw out the star after using a bowl to make the circle. Found a great tutorial on youtube except I didn’t have a compass so I had to use a ruler and a few older tricks. Freehand zigzag stitching the Circle was a challenge but not too bad. and the star was simple after that. With practice I know I’ll et better esp if I can find the circle attachment for my machine. Though think next time I’ll use a hoop to stretch

the fabrich better.


What a great idea! You could make altar cloths for all types of occasions. I could think of several excuses to design an altar cloth. Thank you for sharing! My husband, randomly, but out of the goodness of his heart bought me a pair of sewing scissors for Christmas. I needed a reason to use them! You’re the best


That looks great! What a great job :heart:


If I can perfect the circle stitching I might open a store on Etsy or eBay. But Right now I’m just trying to get better then what I can do is have it so I can use contrasting fabrics.


Looks great! You did a good job!


Wonderful job, I wish that I was able to use a sewing machine that well! I’m a very basic hand sewer really. I can make small pouches!

You did a really great job, I’m sure once you find the attachment that you need it will evolve into your perfect altar cloth. :two_hearts:


there are a number ways to do the zigzag. the hardest aspect is keeping the fabric from binding


Wow, @LadyDennaRahl- that looks great! Congrats on your beautiful new altar cloth :blush: I only know basic stitching on the machine, the fancy designs and patterns are still out my league right now- but I feel inspired seeing your lovely crafting! :sparkles::thread:

Great job and thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


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