Anti-anxiety fire spell ⚠ Trigger Warning

Here is a healing spell I wrote for anxiety. Let me know what you guys think, I would love to hear your feedback (:

Anti-Anxiety Spell

This is a fire healing spell to get rid of intrusive thoughts and anxiety.


  • Day of week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday
  • Time of day: Night
  • Moon phase: Full moon
  • Color: Pink (emotional healing)
  • Oils: Grapefruit essential oil
  • Stones/gems/crystals: Clear quartz, tigers eye, amethyst, citrine, stardust
  • Symbols/runes/sigils: Pentacle
  • Supplies: Eggshell powder, black salt, petition, blood, yellow rice,
  • Chemicals: Sulfur powder, crushed up Lexapro powder, isopropyl alcohol, lithium chloride
  • Herbs: Chamomile, ginger, sage leaves, lavender, rose, elderberries, black pepper, hibiscus, fennel seeds, basil, frankincense, bay leaves, eucalyptus, black tea


  • Chamomile (anti-anxiety)
  • Ginger (power over emotions/personal power)
  • Sage leaves (cleansing)
  • Lavender (peace of mind)
  • Rose (self-love)
  • Elderberries (healing)
  • Black pepper (dispel negativity)
  • Hibiscus (freedom)
  • Fennel seeds (strength)
  • Basil (blessings)
  • Frankincense (generally lift spirits)
  • Bay leaves (manifestation of intent)
  • Eucalyptus (soothing)
  • Black tea (banish boredom)
  • Grapefruit essential oil (mental clarity)
  • Eggshell powder (purity)
  • Black salt (protection)
  • Sulfur powder (stimulate intellect)
  • Yellow rice (happiness)
  • Citrine (optimistic thinking)
  • Clear quartz & selenite (amplify energy)
  • Amethyst (grounding energy)
  • Tigers eye (relieve anxiety)
  • Stardust
  • Lithium chloride (pink flame)
  • Petition
  • Blood

  • Crushed Lexapro powder (increase serotonin)
  • Pink flower/plant found outside
  • Pentacle
  • Healing rune
  • isopropyl alcohol
  1. Gather tools/set up altar and represent the elements
  2. Call on spirits: “Air, fire, water, earth, elements of the astral birth and spirit. I call on you now, come to me.”
  3. Cleanse/charge all items
  4. Place 3 clear quartz crystals on your altar to amplify the energy
  5. Light personal power candle and protective incense
  6. Make a petition stating your intent clearly using a brown paper bag
  7. Combine a small amount of each of the following herbs in a mortar and pestle:



Sage leaves




Black pepper


Fennel seeds




Black tea

Remember to keep in mind the properties of each herb.

  1. Grind the herbs in a counterclockwise motion until it’s a powder. While doing this focus on your intention and visualize what your life would be like without intrusive thoughts.
  2. Take your athame and trace a pentacle in the herb mixture
  3. Put the herb mixture in the cauldron and add a little isopropyl alcohol or flammable liquid
  4. Draw a healing rune with pink ink on the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together in a clockwise motion really quickly. Hold your hands in front of you as if you were holding a ball with the palms of your hands facing each other. Create an energy ball between your hands using visualization. Let the energy ball grow bigger and bigger until it surrounds your entire aura. Then channel that energy into the cauldron.
  5. Light a cauldron fire and add a pinch of lithium chloride to the fire. This will make the flame color pink for emotional healing and peace
  6. As the herbs burn take the bay leaf and write “intrusive thoughts” and then draw an “X” through it. Burn it in the cauldron.
  7. Put a drop of blood directly in the fire

  8. Say this prayer:

Worries be gone

I need you no more

Worries be gone

Out the door

Stresses & strains

Worries & strife

Leave now, depart

Be gone from my life

  1. Meditate with the fire for a bit and let the herbs completely burn out.
  2. Once the fire is done collect the ashes in a container and add:

Eggshell powder

Black salt

Sulfur powder

Crushed Lexapro powder

Tigers eye crystal

Amethyst crystal


  1. Take your petition paper, hold it up to the moonlight and read it out loud. Fold it away from you as many times as you like.
  2. Put a drop of grapefruit essential oil on the paper and add it to the container.
  3. Put the pink flower or plant you found into the container as well.
  4. Finish with an “As I will it, so mote it be.”
  5. Thank the spirits you called on
  6. Release any entities you summoned by saying “Stay if you will, go if you must.”
  7. Extinguish candles
  8. End ritual by clapping your hands to release all energies at once.

every day when you wake up shake the container and remind yourself of your intention.


I am a big fan of anti-anxiety spells & I love to do bottle or jar spells. I think I have my anxiety under wraps for right now, but there’s still a week of school vacation. I hope the spell worked well for you & you are able to enjoy the holidays!


It seems like a good spell! I hope it works well for you!