Anyone have a spell to keep my ex from revealing my secrets?

I need a spell to keep my ex from exposing my secrets to hurt me.


I have 2 @meshelly:

Use Candle magic mixed with color magic
Use an Indigo candle for this spell [because] color is crucial as indigo has the correspondence of stopping the spread of lies and gossip including hurtful gossip that is true but not meant for others’ ears. Carve the phrase ‘All Who Speak My Secrets’ into your candle. Dress the candle with olive oil, black pepper, frankincense, and cloves. This mix of herbs will halt the gossip and secret telling as well as add layers of protection to you. Light the candle. Let the candle burn out and your spell is complete!” (Monitor the candle until it burns out for safety.)

Use an anti-burn book
Sometimes it’s best to literally smoke the negative secret telling energy out of your orb. Use an old Gaelic spell from Eastern Ireland in these situations. Take a powdered clove, a red pen and a small piece of white paper. Write the name of the person telling lies and slandering you backwards onto the paper with red ink. You can keep it general by writing, ‘Whoever tells my secrets.’ Light a red seven-day candle, burn a bit of your clove at 7AM and again at 7PM every day for seven days. Then set the clove onto your paper and at the end, burn the paper in the candle. The person will not utter your secrets, cease telling them, or will not be heard as a result.

I hope these are helpful!!! :candle::purple_circle:


Hello @meshelly and welcome to the forum!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time with your ex. While I don’t know if we have a spell that specific here on Spells8, nor do I have one in my personal grimoire, we do have a few spells that can be tweaked for your situation.

I hope you’ve also taken the mundane routes to help you such as seeking protection orders, restraining orders, and cutting off all contact.

Here are some spells and information that you might find helpful! :heart:

Magickal Binding :shushing_face:

Don’t mind me @jan_TheGreenWitch I’m just going to add those to my own grimoire if that’s okay lol


@MeganB of course! I love burn books :slight_smile: :closed_book:


Hello and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @meshelly

I have to agree with @jan_TheGreenWitch and @MeganB
Both of them have great ideas of where to start. Be sure to let us know how it goes and if you have any questions, just ask!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


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