Magickal Binding 🤫

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There might come a time in your magickal life that you need to bind someone. Maybe you’ve exhausted all mundane avenues such as speaking with the person or people involved or getting any authorities involved. Sometimes that’s just how life goes.

So, what is magickal binding? :link:

Binding is a type of magick meant to keep someone from doing something. This can be to keep someone from speaking badly about you, keep someone from causing harm to someone or something, or just to help them cool it with their attitude and behavior.

I bind you, Nancy, from doing harm; harm against other people and harm against yourself. - The Craft 1996

Not everyone believes that binding people is okay, so keep that in mind as you read this. Some people believe that binding goes against the Wiccan Rede. Some do not. So, keep your personal beliefs in mind as you read this.

Why would you bind someone? :dagger:

Like the quote above from the movie The Craft in 1996, binding someone might be considered the lesser of two evils. In this case - if you haven’t seen the movie, SPOILER ALERT - Nancy is a rotten witch who lets the power go to her head. She mistreats everyone around her and essentially causes a lot of havoc in the other girls’ life as well as those of the school they attend. The other main character, Sarah, says the above spell. She binds her from doing harm to herself and harm to other people.

You can bind people for many reasons, but the most common reasons are…

  • someone is causing harm in some form

  • someone is bullying you or someone you know or care about

  • someone is mistreating someone or something

What to consider before bindings :straight_ruler:

Have you exhausted all other routes of problem-solving yet? I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, and binding in some circumstances is better than actual confrontation. This step is going to vary based on your beliefs and how you practice. For example, I would not hesitate to bind someone that was causing me or my family harm in one way or anothe r regardless of the mundane avenues I’ve taken or not taken. Others might decide that it is better to try to talk it out with the person first. Both options are going to be based on your personal beliefs and how you practice, and both options are acceptable.

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How do you bind someone? :yarn:

There are a few ways a binding can be done. I’ll write briefly about the two most common ways. The first is a freezer spell. The second is a literal binding.

Freezer Spell :ice_cube:

This form of binding is effective and easily reversible.

  • If you need to bind someone, grab a container - a plastic bag, jar, bottle, etc. - and fill it with water.
  • Write the person’s name, description, and birthday on a piece of paper. If you don’t have that information, just write what you can while thinking of that person.
  • Think about what they are doing and why you need them to stop. Place the paper in the container and place the container in the back of the freezer.
  • As the water freezes, so will their actions.
  • If you think they’ve had a sufficient chance to cool down and think about their actions, simply take the container out of the freezer and let it melt.

Physical Binding :shushing_face:

This is also a very simple and easily reversible binding spell.

  • Write the person’s name, description, and birthday on a piece of paper. If you don’t have that information, just write what you can while thinking of that person.
  • Think about what they are doing and why you need them to stop.
  • Then, take a cord, yarn, ribbon, string, etc. and wrap it around the paper tightly.
  • Tie it in a knot and place it in a dark place - a cabinet or drawer works well here.
  • When you feel like they’ve had sufficient time to think about their actions, simply remove the paper from its hiding spot and untie the cord.

Can you bind yourself? :hugs:

Sure! These types of spells can be used on yourself to help you break bad habits or kick a behavior that just won’t leave. A binding spell is restrictive in nature, so performing one for yourself would just help you restrict the behavior you’re already trying to restrict. It would be working on yourself, but on a deeper level to help you manifest what it is that you want.

Do I have to do this type of magick? :star:

Absolutely not. There are other ways to go about dealing with situations like this. However, I personally feel like binding can be the lesser of two evils in most cases. And it is often the safest if you are binding an abuser or person with violent or unstable tendencies.


Very good enjoyed it.


Exactly what I came for! I kept finding information on spells for others but was more interested in one to use on myself for breaking bad habits. Found it here so thank you for sharing


You’re very welcome :hugs:


Megan this is very helpful! I have someone who might be trying to cause me harm! And I will protect myself!!
Blessed be


I’m glad you found it helpful! I definitely recommend everyone have a way to magickally protect themselves and fight back if needed.