Full Moon, Lend Me Strength

The Full Moon always creeps up on me, but I am trying to make it a habit to work with the moon phases more regularly. In this case, I try to perform at least a cleansing every full moon. I took time this full moon to do a cleansing but to also ward my home.

I don’t have a particular spell or chant I say when cleansing my house, but I do have a very specific way that I do it.

:herb: I choose my herbs with purpose – honestly it’s usually juniper :sweat_smile:
:herb: I open my windows before I begin :house: every single one
:herb: I go through my home starting from the top floor, working my way counterclockwise through each room. Then I move downstairs and repeat the same process.
:herb: Once I’ve cleansed each room, I set the cauldron in the living room and let the herbs burn out. While this happens, I mix together some saltwater, charge it under the sun, and give it a stir.
:herb: I start back at the top floor in any room, again moving counterclockwise, and work at each window.
:herb: I purposely close the window and physically lock it.
:herb: Then I dip my thumb into the water mixture and draw a symbol over the window and charge it. This symbol usually lights up like blue electricity for me, starting to trace the symbol and move outward to cover the window.
:herb: I repeat this process for every entrance into my home – doors, windows, vents, etc.

Once I’ve done all this, all the doors and windows should be closed and locked. I let the herbs die down on the charcoal and cool. Then I take them, grind them in my pestle and mortar – charcoal and herbs and salt and all – and create a physical barrier outside each door of my home.

I also took time this full moon to do a binding on someone very nasty in a family member’s life. I don’t want to go into too much detail, and I’ve written about Magickal Binding :shushing_face: before, but this was the perfect moon for that as we are seeking to tip the :balance_scale: scales of justice :balance_scale: back into balance.

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I love this! :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :heart: :blue_heart:

Thank you for sharing. Cleansing and protection rituals for the home, like this one, are already such powerful and needed practices. To do it on a full moon just adds to the meaning and the magic of the event.


A beautiful cleansing ritual :blush::sparkles: Such a great way to draw on the strength of the full moon! Thanks for sharing, @MeganB- I hope you had a very blessed Worm Full Moon :full_moon: :heart:


I loved your choice of ingredients! It’s always nice to see your spellcasting and witching process!

Sending Good Luck and Justice your way! :balance_scale: :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks! And yes, cleansing and protection are definitely important – I do it at least once a month, especially since I’m in the public eye on YouTube :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I hope yours was good, too!

Much appreciated :balance_scale: we’re just now waiting to see what happens :laughing:


Honestly I never really thought about it. The thumb just…felt like the finger I needed to use? I don’t think there’s really any sort of significance to it, honestly :laughing:


Omg, I just saw this how embarrassing!! Lol :laughing: I don’t know what happened!!This is why I erased it!


haha that’s okay! I undeleted it for you :hugs:


I love the last step the most, grinding charcoal and all for a barrier, that’s awesome.
Thanks for sharing.