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Several years ago, I got this adorable oil hurricane lamp. It’s tiny, Which is part of the reason that I loved it so much. I bought it at the Renaissance fair. Almost immediately One of my children broke glass part. I have no idea where to get another one, and I don’t exactly know how to measure it to order one off of Amazon, unfortunately the person who created this adorable hurricane lamp has not been Back to the Renaissance fair so I can’t contact them for a replacement. I’d really like to use it but I’d really like for it to have the glass. Any thoughts?



I have never seen anything like this :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t even know where to start! I hope you find something that works!


I love :heart: oil lamps… my father had them when we were growing up & we would find them at flea markets too!

I did find a couple of options for you to get started… they do sell the glass at Home Depot, I don’t know if there is one near you or I found this website that does have restoration & repair parts too!

Antique Lamp Supply

I would say that for the base of the glass, you would measure the diameter of the holder at the smallest point & then how tall the brass holders are. From there how tall you would like it to be… that’s my best guess & where I would start as far as measuring it.

I hope that helps & you’re able to start using it!


I dont know if this is what youre looking for but theres a glue called 6000glue. It smells so bad until it dries but after that its incredible. It held together a a heavy jade elephant of mine that broke.


This lamp is so adorable! I am afraid I don’t know where to look either but I did find this shop on etsy that has tons of globes and lamps. I’m sure if you message them, they can help you figure out how to measure for the right size. Good luck!


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