Anyone working with Human Design?

Calling on all my Astrology Witches!
Are any of you working with Human Design?
I just started a few weeks ago…it’s amazing!
Now I’d like to discuss it with anyone else who is learning the new system.

So who’s into Human Design?


All I can say is, “wow!” I’m in @August_Wandering


Self Projected Projector right here! I just started learning this summer!


Manifesting Generator here. Isn’t it amazing? And so freaking accurate!


It’s amazing! It’s a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Tree of Life, a synthesized version of the chakras/nadis/meridians, plus how it all affects human biology, to create a total visualization chart of your personal electrical circuitry.

And unlike astrology alone, it actually offers what it refers to as your own life strategy…how to approach life, when to act, when to wait, etc. An hour into reading my chart, I realized the one major thing I’ve been doing wrong for my entire 57 years on the planet. :+1:t4: :grin:

Here’s the site I’ve been working with along with a separate app on my phone and a whole lot of books.

The chart they generate looks like this:

So far this one offers the most fee-free information…even in video format!

Go run your chart and join the fun with us!! :+1:t4: :grinning:


Who are you reading on it? There seems to be a lot of writing by Karen Curry Parker, so I opted to give her stuff a good go round. Her and Robin Winn.

Have you tried any of the apps? Find any that are really good? I have one, but it seems a bit basic, although it does have a daily reading which is nice.


As soon as you mentioned Human Design, I did a google search and it’s fascinating! I can’t afford to take the classes but I found some books on Amazon that are in my price range. It’s going to be another self-learning adventure for me and I’m looking forward to it!
:people_hugging: Thanks so much!


Hey @August_Wandering Im a bit interested in it but I still enjoy astrology more. I am very curious about the meanings of the incarnation crosses and what to make of it. I haven’t found much of an answer to my questions. Ive never before used the website that you suggested to draw up my chart, it actually showed me some new things that I hadnt seen before on other websites. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of Human Design before but I decided to run my chart based off the link. It seems interesting but I have no idea what any of it means yet :sweat_smile: I’ll bookmark this for later, something else to learn about if I have time!



I can’t afford the classes either…so here’s to us self-learners! We can do it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It does seem very time consuming to learn. I’m pecking away at it when I have time too. :+1:t4: :grinning:


I love astrology! I even got into sidereal astrology for a bit…very interesting indeed! I have yet to get to the part where the incarnation crosses are discussed. I’m still learning. Glad to have you here! :+1:t4: :smiley:


reflector is a tough one. For big decisions in life you should always take a whole lunar cycle to decided.

in regards to themes: learning how to handle disappointment, learning to enjoy surprises, and not fall into disappointment when unforeseen things happen.
In terms of the quantum field that the website that offers the calculation, calibrating the quantum field around you.
Theres lots more in all of it, but thats the most of what I remember at the moment, theres also lots of meaning in the nrs. and channels. in regards ot definition none, id look at the chart and the ‘drawing’ part to get a feel for which area they mean.


Never heard of sidereal astrology, its a term that reminds me of something else from a long time ago. Nice to meet you.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

What’s interesting is I didn’t have any channels show up. There was literally none. It was blank! :astonished: I’ll have to try it again and see what shows up :laughing:

Here’s my full chart if anyone is interested.


This is interesting. I have recently started diving into astrology, I’ll add this to my list of things to research.

I, too, ran my chart, and here is what I got, although, like @MeganB, I have no idea what it means, lol.



Ok August_Wandering, I am so in!! I ran the chart, “Wow” (Marsha, spells 8, 2022).
Please keep us posted and Thank you my sister Witch, Blessed Be.


Hi Amaris_Bane. Keep reading in the app. it will send an Email to you so you can download the 53-page book. There it will explain a lot to you.



If y’all don’t know me by now…well…here you go!

Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)
Inner Authority: Evolutionary Authority (Sacral)
Profile: 2/4 - Responder / Stabilizer
Definition: Split - Small (10,27,34)
Strategy: Respond
Themes: Satisfaction / Frustration (Anger)
Incarnation Cross: RAX Eden 4
Channels: 2145 - Sustainable Resources (The Money Line)
2644 - Alignment (Surrender)
2946 - Dedication (Discovery)

Like everyone else, I’m still reading to begin to find out what this means.


So with reflectors its very tricky because theres from what I remember the “no definition” thing. It means alot of cleansing and protecting your energy so that you’re not picking up on other peoples emotions instead of your own. You’re pretty much an open channel in that way.
Depending on which sign your moon is in, Id go from there an look into the best way to strenghten and nurture your moon sign.