Aos Sidhe by Morgan Daimler [Book Review]

Hello everyone!

I have a new book review up on my website and I wanted to share it here with you all, especially if you’re interested in Irish fairies and the Othercrowd.

I have always been a fan of Morgan Daimler’s work, and this book is no different. Aos Sidhe (pronounced Ace She) is a small book, only about 75 pages not including the resources, bibliography, and other back matter. For such a small book, Morgan does an amazing job giving the reader a glimpse into many different types of Sidhe, their folklore, and the potential history of the Sidhe.

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I’ve come across this book & it’s on my to read list! :revolving_hearts:


I definitely enjoyed it! It took me a while to get through it, but that’s no fault of the book itself :laughing: that’s just my brain and an inability to focus!


Ah, I have the same thing… so sometimes it takes me a while to get through course material or books too :rofl:


Ohhhh! I don’t work with Celtic deities or the Fae much, and I really only know bits and pieces when it comes to the legends and folklore about the Irish Fae. But there’s actually a new visual novel game (a guilty hobby of mine haha) about “The Good People”- I’m tempted to study up on background information before jumping into the game! :sparkles:

Thanks for your thoughtful review, Megan- I’ll take a peek! :open_book: :blush:


@Susurrus – At least we’re not alone in that :laughing:

@BryWisteria – That sounds familiar. Is it based on a graphic novel? I think my daughter had gotten that book from the library one time!


I had thought it was an original story by the game devs (a studio called Moirai Myths), but now I’m curious- I’ll have to do some digging! :star_struck: I used to love graphic novels/manga, but ever since I started playing the interactive novels the power of choice is so addicting it’s tough to go back to the linear story model haha.

Always thrilled for new recommendations, though- there are so many great books/stories out there to explore! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My daughter really loves graphic novels and manga, so I think this interactive game thing you’re talking about would be cool to check out! Do you have one you would recommend for preteen ages?


I’ll send a PM with some suggestions! :blush: :incoming_envelope: