April 2023 ✨ Collective Reading Check-In

Right?! There are reversals everywhere! Even in last week’s Freebie Friday, I think it was all but one or two readings were reversals :joy: I don’t like it! Even in my own monthly reading at least 2 cards were reversed :grimacing:

Go for it! :clap: If you’ve got the cards, try it out! :blush: You can always post your monthly spread for interpretation help if you need it :blush: That’s what we’re here for!

I laughed at this but also cringed because I know how crappy it’s been :sweat_smile: I’m hoping too that it’s all out of the way early and it’ll be nice and easy the rest of the month! Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


So I have

  1. 5 of wands
  2. Lover’s reversed
  3. 9 of swords reserved
  4. 5 of swords
    I still don’t know how to read them correctly if anyone wants to chime in and help! But I feel like there’s gonna be some issues with my husband like competing with each other I guess I’m still not sure :thinking:

Hi @brandy20

Without getting too much into it

5 of Wands would be like tension, disagreements, maybe competition - so this would be the theme of the month
Lover’s Reversed is disharmony, imbalance of some kind this would be the Events/Ideas influencing you… like past things that are influencing the present
9 of Swords Reversed uh… maybe depression or feeling hopeless - so possible roadblocks that may come up
5 of Swords some kind of conflict, tension, or loss - the possibilities which seem to point to if you are unable to overcome the roadblocks

Swords are usually like thoughts, the rational mind, truth & facts (air)
Wands are like beliefs, passion, motivations, inspiration, energy, or even opinions (fire)

Lover’s is all about a balance between things or people as a big theme or major lesson in life learned or to be learned


I can see @Susurrus is typing too :laughing: You’re gonna get two interpretations!

It sounds like the month of April is going to being a month of struggle and conflict. It’s not necessarily a physical struggle, more of a struggle of wills and passions. For me, the Five of Wands is always the card of everyone yelling and no one listening. Everyone involved is struggling to get their point across without taking the time to even listen to the perspectives of everyone else.

The way you approach this is going to be influenced by a period of time when you weren’t in balance with yourself and your personal relationships. As a reversed card, The Lovers is about balance in your relationships but it is also about the love you have for yourself. This month, it will be important to remember that you deserve love and compassion, but also important to remember why you love the people you do. Sometimes love requires compromise.

The Nine of Swords is a fear-based card. Swords tell us that it’s something going on with the mind, and this card is all about what you think and believe in terms of what you’ve already achieved. Reversed, it points to this being an inner fear, sometimes revolving around secrets you’ve kept or been keeping. If you haven’t been honest about something, this may come back to bite you this month. You may also be afraid that the other person is keeping secrets, but paranoia only breeds more fear.

Then the outcome is the Five of Swords. Again, another card dealing with the mind and conflict. I think whatever happens this month, dealing with the conflict is going to be inevitable. This may be one that you can’t win, so to speak, but if you approach it in terms of competition then you’ll never “win” because that’s not how life works. In this instance, losing can feel like having to give up something you wanted in order to keep the peace, but I think that as long as your compromise doesn’t cross any boundaries nor violate any of your personal values, then compromise is sometimes necessary. And this holds true, especially in relationships.

This is just one way of looking at the cards, and it’s my interpretation based only on what the cards mean and say. Ultimately, you’re closer to the situation so you will know what rings true and what doesn’t. :heart:


I saw that @MeganB was typing, so that’s why I only had a very basic kind of overview of the cards type of approach. & also not knowing the current situations at home. But if I had to really kind of put them together, I would be inclined to say something very similar to Megan’s interpretation for the month ahead.


@Susurrus :rofl:

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Oh the possibilities… :laughing:


Thank y’all !!!


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: