Archangel camuel the archangel of tuesday


The name Camuel means healer. Archangel Camuel is a powerful healer and leader in the angelic hierarchy, protecting the world from fearful and lower energies. You can ask Archangel Camuel for protection and intervention in world events. Archangel Camuel helps with love, tolerance and gratitude. It will help you find your soulmate and the boundless love that strengthens relationships. Archangel Camuel is the protector of all who love God.


Oh, this 1 I didn’t know very much about at all! :hugs: Camuel sounds like a good one to work with & maybe even around Valentine’s Day! :heart:


Thank you - I have heard of him (I think he is in the Kabbalah). I have just begun working with the Angel Tarot (Travis McHenry) but he is not in that - I read that he is not recognized by the catholic church as he is not mentioned in the bible. So complicated, but I am learning.


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