Are there any spell Jesus performed before or after his death?

Merry meet! I want to know if anyone here has a spell recipes of Jesus Christ. Thank you


Hi @michael9! How are you doing?

I do not work with Jesus Christ, but I know we have some Christian Witches here along with Jewish & Muslims. So hopefully one of them will have a better answer for you about this topic. Until then though, I did find an interesting article about Jesus Christ & a Modern Witch.


@Susurrus this was an interesting article! Thanks for sharing it! The rabbit hole led me to another article on Christopaganism, which was also fun and I learned some new vocabulary. Definitely a great way to start my day! :heart:


Thank you @Susurrus, I really enjoyed reading that article. :heart:


You’re very welcome! :heart:

I also know that we have witches that work with the Arch Angels also, so I don’t believe that it’s a far stretch to believe that there was a spell or ritual of some kind performed for either occasion that may be called something else, but would be the same as what we would think of when we say spell or ritual.


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