Astral projection

** Can someone please tell me an easier way to do astral protection or lucid dreaming**


@tasha89 Here’s a link to the topic discussed here, it’s got some good info, maybe what you’re looking for.
:dizzy: Astral Travel & Astral Projection
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One thing that’s helped me lucid dream is to make it a habit to look at my hands while awake and tell myself out loud that when I see these hands, I know I’m dreaming. The repetition helps it carry over to dreams, and triggers lucidity whenever I see my hands. :open_hands:

To stay in the lucid dream, you might need to remind yourself constantly that you’re dreaming. Also focusing your eyes on a single point for a too long or getting very excited can wake you.

I haven’t gone into astral travel yet so I can’t really give any practical tips there… last Tuesday I met someone who had though, and she said that she does it from sitting in meditation. She said that she visualizes herself spinning around an axis out of her body.


Hi @tasha89,

Tracy kindly shared a link to a collection of Astral Travels resources- that’s a great place to start! You could also browse the astral-travel tag for more resources.

For lucid dreaming, Celestia has some wonderful tips for you- I second the idea of making a habit! Do something over and over throughout your day and ask yourself if you are lucid dreaming- this builds the practice, as you will do it in your dreams too. I used to kickstart lucidity in dreams by looking for a clock :mantelpiece_clock:

You can find some more resources and experiences in the Lucid Dreaming discussion here:

Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your Dreams

There’s also a dreams tag you could explore- although it contains posts about all types of dream magick.

Wishing you all the best- lucid dreaming and astral travel are both skills that take time and effort to build a successful practice, but they are both worth the dedication. I hope you can find some methods that work for you!

Good luck and blessed be :star2:


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