Astrological Forecast W/C 23rd January 2023

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

We should be in for a relatively tranquil week this week, with Venus beginning a Magickal transit in Pisces and peaceful Taurus flavouring the First Quarter Moon… :sparkles:

Venus :astrology_venus: in Pisces :pisces: 26th January 2023 9:33pm (ET) 27th January 2023 2:33am (GMT)

Venus :astrology_venus: enters Pisces 26th January and will stay there until 20th February – great news for us as Venus is exalted in Pisces! :dizzy: Exaltation is a harmonious :innocent: placement, that strengthens the effects of the planet’s energy – in this position, Venus can achieve its highest potential! Excellent timing for all you romantics out there as she will stay in Pisces throughout Valentine’s Day :two_hearts:

The deepest Water :droplet: sign – Pisces – is tender and affectionate :people_hugging: a dreamer, full of spirituality :dove: and imagination. Pisces :pisces: is Mutable, meaning it is happy to make changes; so, we can expect to remove some boundaries :no_entry_sign: during this transit that may have been restricting us in love.

From a spiritual point of view this placement is wonderful! Venus in Pisces implores us to fall in love with the Divine :star2: and to get our spirituality back on track. Pisces energy :zap: is all about being true to yourself, learning your own self-worth :trophy: and seeing the viability of your inner resources.

Venus of course rules love, but also beauty and finances :moneybag: – now, Pisces can be tricky with finances due to its dreamy nature :thought_balloon: making it a little careless with cash at times, but remember Mercury :astrology_mercury: is grounded in Capricorn :capricorn: influencing us to be realistic and rational and the Sun :astrology_sun: is in Aquarius :aquarius: urging us to act intellectually :man_student: for the betterment of our lives.

As I mentioned above, Venus is exalted in Pisces; so, while we may have a few challenges around losing money, if we overcome the hurdles and judge :balance_scale: our spending correctly, we could come out of this transit in a more stable financial situation.

First Quarter :first_quarter_moon: in Taurus :taurus: 28th January 2023 10:13am (ET) 28th January 2023 3:13pm (GMT)

First Quarter :first_quarter_moon: Moons are the perfect time for establishing intentions and performing rituals :pray: This phase is a great chance to really push :fast_forward: to achieve the goals you set for yourself during New Moon :new_moon: Personally, I use the time :clock1030: from Waxing Crescent and First Quarter to really focus and home in on the intentions I wrote down during New Moon.

This is a good phase for Love :heartpulse: and Luck :four_leaf_clover: Spells and anything to do with Growth :seedling: or attracting :magnet: things to us.

Spells8 has a plethora of wonderful spells to try for this phase! I always try to do one of the Luck spells around this time. I find Aura cleansing and the Road Opener particularly effective for me! :slight_smile:

Taurus :taurus: loves serenity, security, and peace :peace_symbol: The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus and our impulses tell us to relax, resist change, and “stop to smell the roses”. Whilst this phase is a comforting respite, it can be contradictory to the vibes of the First Quarter moon, which wants us to push forward.

As a compromise, combining some indulgence :sparkles: into your rituals is a good idea – treat yourself to a luxurious meal :shallow_pan_of_food: a lengthy bubble bath :bathtub: or whatever your go to pampering is before or after spell casting. Taurus has a deep, earthy :leaves: vibe, so immersing yourself in nature would be another great way to honour this phase.

I hope you have a wonderful week and are looking forward to Imbolic coming up next week!

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


This is just Fantastic @Abs53!! I feel everything soo deeply you have written here…and I am going to keep in mind the points you highlighted about being careful as well as indulged in self care to falling in love with the Divine! Shit! I love this phrase soo much! :face_holding_back_tears: :flushed: :heartbeat: Thank you for sharing all this information dear I am adding it to my bookmarks ryt now! Blessed be! :hugs: :sparkles:


Thank you @Abs53! I look forward to these forecast from you :heart_eyes:


Yay, that’s a very positive sign for the holiday! :heartpulse: :blush: I appreciate the note about finances too- I’ll try to take care to spend mindfully this week :money_with_wings: :+1:

You always do such a great job exploring the astrological influences, and I just have to say that I really appreciate how well you tie things into spellwork too! I love hearing about the planets and signs, and the constructive advice about how to make use of them is always greatly appreciated :pray:

Thank you so much for these forecasts, @Abs53- you always so a great job with them! :heart:


@Abs53 OH MY! I love this - and of course anything related to earth (Taurus :two_hearts:). Thank you for sharing this!


@Solasta_Amore You are so welcome, thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley: I love that phrase too, I’m definitely going to do some tributes to Selene during this phase!

Thank you @Susurrus, I really enjoy doing them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Aww thanks @BryWisteria :blush: I love working my spells around astrology, it always feels so right to me and gives me a bit of variety and new areas to work on!

@lisa67 no problem, thanks for reading! :smiley: When Taurus season comes up in April it’ll be your time to shine! :star2:


TY @Abs53 I can feel the stirring. I’m a few weeks time, I will be crazy that the season is so close. :flushed::thinking:. I think I may have a question to post in the forum if it hasn’t been discussed already. Do you “feel” the season stirring when it’s your time?


@lisa67 100%! I can feel “my seasons” coming and a definite build up of excitement - pre spring equinox I always get a build up of energy :zap: I can stand bare foot on the grass in my garden and “feel” it buzzing. Feeling the energy is also one of the reasons as a child I realised I was drawn to the cycles of the Moon :crescent_moon: as I would get really driven at certain times of the month and really emotional at others, and I remembered when it dawned on me it was in line with New and Full Moon and everything just clicked! It’s a good question to post though, I would love to hear others opinions! :smiley:


@Abs53 there’s no doubt in my mind that I follow along with Mother Moon. I can feel when the season wanes and when another one begins by the energy coming from those born in that season. Definitely need to do more studies with the moon - grateful for you and all in this forum to chat about that.


Closing thread- this forecast is in the past!