Astrological Forecast W/C 9th January 2023

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

Get ready for a rollercoaster of a week folks, but, fear not, its all for the greater good of our higher selfs.

1:11 Portal :cyclone: - 11th January 2023

The 1:11 portal is upon us this week, which is great because its all about sparkly :sparkles: new energy. Hot on the heels of the portal is Mars :astrology_mars: Direct and next week Mercury :astrology_mercury: moves Direct as well, which means we have an abundance of fast paced, positive, forward thinking energy! :dizzy: Which is great, right? However, before we get there, the universe might have a lesson or two in store for us…

This week, especially early on, expect to be triggered :bangbang: And, rather than imploring you to take a deep breath and calm down… this week, I want you to feel the trigger. Let me explain.

Whatever is triggering you :rage: early this week, is designed to enlighten you :innocent: by the end of the week and into next. Why? The universe wants you to learn a lesson, heal and grow :seedling: from it. It wants you to level up into the next stage of you life and evolve.

Next time that person irritates you by chewing too loudly, or whistling (an inexplicable trigger of mine! :joy:) or just by being plain rude - you will be in a position where you naturally realise this is an unnecessary trigger for you, and you don’t need to react the way you did before. You are growing, learning, evolving :dizzy:

Thats not to say we will be cleared of ALL our triggers! The deeper the trigger the longer we will take to heal from it and that is fine.

Some issues might take decades to resolve. We are all on our own frequency and the universe works in repetitive cycles :biking_man: for a reason; so if you don’t find yourself being triggered or even being able to let it go, don’t worry - theres nothing for you to clear this time round - but if you do, just remember it’s for the greater good of your higher self, and come next week you will be on a higher path :sparkles:

Mars :astrology_mars: Direct in Gemini :gemini: 12th January 2023 3:56am (ET) 12th January 2023 8:56am (GMT)

The first of two big transits this week - Mars, Planet of Passion, is going Direct 12th January 2023, which is very good news as we are being encouraged to move forwards :fast_forward: with all the lessons we learnt in Retrograde and integrate these lessons into our lives with an extra dose of motivation and enthusiasm! :dizzy:

Mars rules action. He brings fires, energy, passion, drive, and determination :fire: Mars encourages you to stand up, be noticed and get things done. Mars is where your power, confidence and sexuality lies.

Named for the Roman God of War :hammer_and_pick: it is perhaps, unsurprising that aggression is the key to Mars’s energy. He values courage and honour, and is full of raw, unbridled, animalistic energy. Mars’s energy can be constructive or destructive and can be quite useful if channelled correctly.

To understand how Mars affects us individually, we first must know where Mars lies in our personal Natal Charts. For example, I have Mars in Virgo :virgo: and in the 10th House, which means my action, passion, energy, sexuality, and power are flavoured with all things Virgo – dedicated, hardworking :factory_worker: health conscious :woman_health_worker: analytical :bar_chart: perfectionism and all things 10th House – social status, authority, profession, career.

A quick and short analysis of this, would mean I am passionate about my career, I want to be the best :trophy: at what I do and better my living status while I’m at it. When I enjoy my work, I dedicate a lot of energy to it. I am goal oriented, practical, and professional. In the negative, I tend to take on too much, can have a nervous energy :grimacing: about me, be self-critical and quick to anger :boom:

When Mars :astrology_mars: transits Virgo, 10th July 2023 – 27th August 2023, I will be in my element for all things Mars! :confetti_ball: To find out what house you have Mars in your Natal Chart – check out Cafeastrology!

For now, though, Mars transits Gemini :gemini:
which means all things Mars are flavoured with all things Gemini – elusive, adventurous :railway_track: communicative, ambitious, curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and energetic :dancer: Gemini is a complex and often misunderstood sign.

In curious Gemini, Mars is challenging us to refocus our attention :exclamation: on what we really value and is encouraging us to speak :speaking_head: our truth by setting firm but loving boundaries. Gemini is full of energy, as is Mars, so we can expect an energetic boost :zap: this transit! Our confidence will return with a bang :boom: and – if we direct this energy correctly – can expect big waves around our careers, our passion projects, and our sex lives!

When Mars transits Gemini, we can become scattered and a little bored :neutral_face: We can be inclined to use words as weapons, or just talk things through more energetically than usual. We want to get things off our chests, which is fine, but it’s worth remembering to take a step back and think before we speak.

Mars :astrology_mars: will be in his Retrograde shadow, retracing the chapters that we’ve written :writing_hand: in the past months, until 15th March 2023. So, while themes from late August 2022 to late October 2022 may reoccur, this time we should be able to handle them with a renewed clarity :relieved: and the benefit of prior knowledge.

Juno enters Aries :aries: 13th January 2023 1:31am (ET) 13th January 2023 6:31am (GMT)

Juno is an asteroid found between Mars :astrology_mars: and Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: and is considered one of the main 4 asteroids along with Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta. She is named for the Roman Goddess of Love :couple_with_heart_woman_man: and Marriage and often thought of as the Asteroid of Commitment.

As well as commitment, Juno also represents marriage, partnerships, fairness, compromise and in the negative, betrayal and infidelity.

Aries is the first Fire :fire: sign of the zodiac and smacks of strength :mechanical_arm: initiative, and courage. It is a passionate sign, creative, generous, and optimistic! It is the 1st House :house: which is the House of Self – showing outward behaviour and how others perceive you.

In this transit we can expect some spice :hot_pepper: and excitement to be injected into our relationships! We can also expect a desire for independence and, in the negative, possibly some suspicion. Counter this by carving out a time with your spouse to reconnect and pamper :hugs: each other! If you are single and looking, keep your eye out at the gym, hairdressers :haircut_man: or anywhere people go to preen and look after themselves. If your single and not looking, pamper yourself! Now is a great time to embark on some self-love :heartpulse: Whatever your relationship status, consider preparing some Goddess of Love Incense for self pampering or date night :sparkling_heart:

Where Juno lies in our charts we can triggered, but it can also be a place of power! To find out where Juno is in your chart check out Cafeastrology.

Wishing you all a fruitful week :sparkles:

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


Well, that explains my own weekly divination… :thinking: I pulled Reversal for the Mind and I basically took that to mean I need to shift my perspective and really think about what’s going on. Knowing this is happening with the triggers, it gives me a new outlook on the Reversal card and I have even more to think about right now!

Hmm…my Mars is in Scorpio :sweat_smile: I’m not too good at this astrology stuff but that sounds like an intense combination!

I love reading through these every time you post them, Abs :heart: thank you! Even though I can’t make full sense of it half the time I enjoy reading them and seeing how they connect in my own life :blush:


So this happened on Sunday :rofl: but…

So did this on the same day… & I was able to talk to the person after I had walked away for a little bit & then talk about what the issue was :confetti_ball:


I like to think there’s not too much that triggers me… but I confess I go off when people park their cars in the road and block traffic, especially on narrow or dangerous streets :sweat_smile: . It happens all the time here- but now I’m going to try to be more mindful of my reaction. Me squawking about it doesn’t really do anything to help anyone, after all :laughing:

Thank you so much for this amazing breakdown of current astrological influences- you always write in a way that is so helpful and easy to digest! There’s a lot of great advice here and I really appreciate it :heart::pray:

Thank you, @Abs53- blessed be! :sparkles::star2:


Oh my Gods, you and me both! That happens so much here. People will park in the fire lanes, in the wheelchair access for handicap spots – it’s ridiculous what people will do so they don’t have to find a parking spot, especially in a place that gets really busy.

I can’t imagine you squawking about it though :laughing: that’s a funny word to use! I’m sure you can be mindful of your reactions though – even if those people generally deserve a good squawking at :joy:


Here too! There are so many hills with dangerous, narrow, windy roads- but you bet people just stop their car, get out, and check their mail box or start chatting with neighbors. Like- I’m right behind you!?! Can you not see this massive truck- am I somehow invisible!? Now what am I gonna do? Squawk, squawk, squawk- like an angry little bird in a big car :joy:


hahaha I’m learning so much about you, Bry! Squawking, angry birds, big trucks :joy: May they always see you and be afraid of your squawking :bird:


Hahahaha so mote it be! :joy::two_hearts:


I won’t even get into what happened here last week when someone was parked in front of the neighbor’s house making it so my husband & son couldn’t get their trucks in our driveway… that was a good time :rofl:


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