Astrology Explanation

I’m starting to learn a bit about astrology and the power of zodiac signs. I was wondering if someone would be willing to look at my chart and explain to me what that reflects upon me as a beginning witch? Also just explain in general I don’t really understand how the website explains each section?


I’m interested in the spiritual or “witchy” part of astrology. I’ve always been interested in astrology but I haven’t read anything yet about the two together


I recommend you the website Astrodienst for birth charts. It’s free to have your chart done and it even includes an analysis of each aspect.

I suggest that you visit their Horoscopes page and scroll down to where it says “Personal Portrait”. It will show you a quick report with a lot of useful information about your chart.

@Lyn Not all Witches practice or use astrology. However, it’s common to use astrological correspondences for spellwork and other practices. For example, willow trees have traveling roots and prefer to live in damp environments, i.e. they have an affinity for water. Water is associated with the Moon through the tides.

At the same time, each Element corresponds to 3 signs. The water signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Now you could use willow tree in a spell in correspondence with the Moon in Cancer, for example.

Here’s a chart with planetary correspondences.


Thank you! I can’t believe I’ve never seen this!


Thank you!! I absolutely love this site! It was so correct in my readings it was almost a little scary lol.


I’m glad you found it useful! :slight_smile:

Having said that, reading and interpreting a birth chart is an art that takes years to master. I really encourage you to visit a local astrologer who can explain to you each aspect in your chart in detail, along with interactions and other influences in a more personalized way.


I have my birth chart printed & I have my significant other’s birth chart & ours together. I am learning about the moon & rising signs in my chart because I only ever focused on my own sun sign. It just recently dawned on my that I have each water sign in my house, my son is a Cancer sun & my daughter is a Pisces sun. I am a Scorpio sun with a Virgo moon & Capricorn rising. I’m still learning about the planets and houses and how they correlate with myself before I move on to learning someone else’s. I have also looked at my Western Zodiac and my Primal Zodiac. Those were interesting as well. I love this part of my practice because there is so much to learn about each facet.