Baby Green Witch

So this morning my lil one decided she wants to go out and get rain water for her plant that she just planted and it has already sprouted, she wanted to use the rain water for her plant. In the mist of this we are getting ready for school so I am like no, then maybe, then let me think about it. Well I realize that I need rain water too as well for Spells and say lets go for it. I grab some buckets I had and we went out to get the rain water while it is pouring down rain. Mind you this lil girl has had a facisnation with planting for a long time. I do not have that great of a green thumb I can get them going for a few months and then we loose them.

I think I may have a baby Green Witch on hand, she loves growing things. She had me in the store the other day trying to buy fresh herbs that we could take care of, LOL. She can’t remember what she planted. it is either a daffidal she said or one of her surprise seeds. I guess we will find out soon enough.


Oh that’s awesome! I’m much better with outdoor plants than indoor… So exciting that she loves to plant & nurture & grow things! :hugs: Maybe put a pot or bucket outside during the rain so you can collect more to use for a little while! :cloud_with_rain:


If we could plant outdoors we would, hard in a apartment but looking forward to the day we can. I did half a bucket and she grabbed me some more. I think I am good for now, I have little bottles to put them in for now but I think I may use a jar I happened to save to put it in. Now just have to bless it, LOL. They are sitting by my altar at the moment.


How very cute! She’ll learn a lot from you!


Thank you, and I am teaching her slowly but surely.


You’re doing a great job!


That is so sweet- she is very lucky to have a supportive mama there to help her as she learns and grows (along with her beloved plants)! :seedling: :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your spells and her all the best with her planting- may it be a thriving season for both of you! Blessed be :green_heart: :potted_plant:


Thank you, I luv that she gets so excited when doing things.


From your posts, it sounds like her excitement is contagious (in the best way!) :blush:

May the two of you keep on having lots of fun! Blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:


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