Back in the saddle!

After way too long, I finally cast a circle tonight and did a whole bunch of spells :slight_smile: I mean, I got out mugwort and sage smudge, oils, crytals, sooooo many candles, I made a circle, there was moon water, there was salt, there was a pentacle, I used a selenite wand, there was an offering to Jupiter (cinnamon coffee cake) – I called Quarters, I invoked ancestors, I did the spells 8 legal blessings spell, I did a (non-baneful) truth spell, I cut some cords, I reversed some karma and I burned the h*ll out of some intentions, bay leaves, calendula and I don’t know what else so many herbs.

And I did it at the planetary hour of Jupiter so I am happy about that.

I did everything but Tarot and only because I forgot and now I am just sitting here with – afterglow? It feels kind of tingly happy. And tired!

I mean, it has been a good while. Hoo boy, was that cathartic. I had BIG wishes but mostly I wished for the best outcome. I have wished for things for myself that didnt’ always turn out so well for me. So I just gave it up to #TeamMary.


Sounds like a perfectly magickal evening! Be careful with cinnamon coffee cake – it has been known to summon random undomehers.:wink:


Three cheers for #TeamMary!!! :partying_face:

It sounds like you had a magickal night, and wow- you did so much too! :heart_eyes: Enjoy that powerful energy and bask in your well-deserved afterglow, congrats to you Mary! :heart::tada:


Oh goodness, Mary :eyes: It sounds like you had an eventful evening! I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling good about everything! Best wishes for you :heart: :crossed_fingers:t3:


Last night was a good night for magic, and it sounds like you took the chance! Sending best wishes and good vibes so that your spells will work soon!


Go Mary!! I hope it all works out for you :grinning:


I’m so happy for you! That’s a great feeling when it comes. I hope you practice some grounding & self-care this weekend! :heartpulse: I’m very happy for you! Congratulations:tada:


That is wise advice – I am so tired! I slept much longer than usual and today, I have been taking it easy, doing some housecleaning and eating good food. Lots of grounding :slight_smile: I also decided to just withdraw the deposition of my ex-husband. When I thought about it, it would add little to the case, it will be expensive for me, and plus, the only day they could do it was on my birthday. I do not want to depose my ex on my birthday. I know he will be happy about it, as well. So. Letting go. Grounding. Hoping for the best. Balance. Trying :slight_smile:


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