Banishing A Bad Habit

Witchcraft is a great way to banish bad habits from your life.

There are many different ways to do this, but I will share one of the most effective methods that I have used.

To start, you will need a piece of paper and a pen.

On the paper, write down the bad habit that you want to get rid of.

For example, if you want to stop eating junk food, write that down.

Once you have written down the bad habit, fold the paper away from you and tie it with a black ribbon.

This represents your intent to banish the bad habit from your life.

Place the paper underneath your pillow and leave it there overnight.

In the morning, burn the paper in a fire-proof bowl or cauldron.

As the paper burns, visualize the bad habit being destroyed.

After the paper has burned completely, scroop up the ashes and bury them in the earth. Thank Mother Earth for recieving.

This completes the ritual and the bad habit should now be gone from your life.

Now remember, just because you DID this ritual doesn’t mean you get to go run out and buy junk food now haha. You have to also put in the work to make your intentions reality. So take the steps that are needed to help your manifestation become real.

Banishing Spell

Happy Witching.


A beautiful banishing ritual :pray: :fire: :earth_element:

Thank you, Silverbear! :heart:


Really beautifully written & very much needed indeed! Thank you @SilverBear ! You’re so wise & beautiful in every way…
Much love & wishing a Happy Witching to you too, sweet!
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extraordinary ritual
thank you very much!!!