Bealtaine Incense Recipe! [Blog Post]

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my newest blog post with you over on my website. I crafted a special incense for Bealtaine this weekend and thought it would be nice to share it with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wanted to make this incense blend as sticks for easier burning but I guess the Gods have other plans. Either that, it’s because I’m way too forgetful and can’t remember where I put my makko powder! Anyway, if you want to know how I make incense sticks with makko powder, you can check out my video on that here.

Today, I am making a specific blend of incense to be used during a Bealtaine celebration this weekend. I wanted to share this process with you to show you how easy it can be to craft your own incense for use on a charcoal disc in a cauldron.

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I love :heart: to make my own incense & this would be a perfect 1 for our fire on Sunday, (weather permitting) as we will be outside most of the day working in the yard & gardens. I have the perfect-sized jars for them too!

Thank you for sharing this! :two_hearts:


You’re welcome! If you ever want some snake shed to add to your incense just let me know :pray: I can get some to you!