Bedknobs and broom closets

Wow it is tough starting out. Being an early person in general but then trying to find time after the world has gone to sleep to take advantage of that new moon for a first circle and the bay leaf manifestation. It was such a comedy of errors but the Goddess was surely laughing . Question is though how do we do it. Is there a 12 step program out of the broom closet…

Might need an edit for better explanation. I meant to say that my hours of operation were related to no one knowing that anything was afoot. This seems like one of those things that sharing with others might be a difficult thing thus the broom closet as unknown to all who know us.


Hi @jim Welcome. Although I have only been here a few months I found that starting by going through the lessons as they were presented worked well for me. I bought 3 notebooks to start one was my lesson notebook , one is my Book of Mirrors and the last one is my Book of Shadows. There is a lot of information and it can get overwhelming but one step at a time and remember intention is the key ingredient as long as your intention is clear I don’t think mistakes in other things matter all that much. Blessed Be!!!


Oh I have been doing that for sure. My meaning was you know for some the world doesn’t know and as such all you do is done around the worlds hours of attention. That kept me up so so late and man I feel it today. Just this is one of those things that will be hard to have known.


I know it’s tempting to always do things in the dark, but since you get up early you can do things then too. Or in the afternoon, it doesn’t matter really. Just whenever is convenient to you. I did my new moon’s meditation around six in the afternoon yesterday.

And the first step in coming out of the broom closet is not worrying what others think of you. At least that’s what I think it is.

Hope that helps!


Yeah I just am still the only family member in on it all. That is why the late evening. Everyone asleep so no questions asked. Surely others have had a hard time with bringing it up with the rest of the family?


@jim welcome. I think a lot of people struggle with telling others about their path. Some do and some don’t. It is entirely up to you. You are in the right place to find guidance and information.


I understand what you are trying to say. The Goddess knows your intentions were there & you are still finding what works for you. It will come in time & with practice.

As for telling others, it took me a while to tell even the closest person to me & there’s still people that don’t know. My father & brother included. My husband & daughter know. My oldest son has an idea & my middle son knows I “collect rocks”.

I used to say I needed “me time” or that I have something to do. I am a stay at home mom, so I usually wait until people aren’t here with me. Unless it’s a full moon, I put my crystals & tarot/oracle cards out under it.

I did start wearing jewelry as like a subtle hint. I wear bracelets, a necklace, & earrings with sigils, amulets, charms on them. I also have crystal jewelry too.


I’m actually Im up all hours of the night, too. It doesn’t matter when you do any spell work! As long as you do it and have your intentions and heart set in the right place!


I’m not the one to ask about telling the rest of your family. My only family when I started was my Mom and she’s the one who started me on my path by buying me a book. LOL!


My daughter knows a fair bit about what I do but, aside from that my best friends and ex know I read tarot, collect crystals :crystal_ball: meditate, manifest :dizzy: and that I follow Astrology and love the Moon.

Even then, I’ve sort of gradually introduced them to most of that over the course of a few years.

Outwardly, I’ve always worn “witchy” type clothes and jewellery :large_blue_diamond: so nothing really changed in that respect… I cant even remember how young I was when I was started becoming obsessed with the moon :crescent_moon: and forests :deciduous_tree: etc so all those types of things have always been common knowledge.

I refer to my grimoires as journals :closed_book: and I have candles :candle: and incense lit every day so no one really notices if I’m doing spell work.

Whilst I like to go with the current and cast at certain phases of the Moon or during the night :night_with_stars: I don’t personally think it’s absolutely necessary; the majority of the time I cast in the day now. I only really get around 5 hours sleep at night so I get a window of peace from 11pm-midnight and then again at 5am-6am :sunrise: Its actually really nice meditating and then doing spell work as the sunrises :sparkles:

My ex and daughter know I’m always busy for an hour or two at New and Full Moon :new_moon: :full_moon: I usually have a bath then meditate alone in the garden next to the fire pit :fire: and they’re used to that now.

The neighbours definitely think I’m crazy! :joy:

It’s really just what you feel comfortable sharing :upside_down_face: