Bee Happy! All about Bees! 🐝

Here’s a thread to talk all about Bees, and wisdom we can share and pass on to one another - @SacredBee and I would like everyone to join us!!

Blessed Bee! :honeybee::yellow_heart::honey_pot::black_heart:


I’ll start it off with this quote from this website below!!
I still want to learn how to make mead!

‘The witch and the bee, a more magickal union there could not be! Witches have enjoyed a long and enchanting relationship with the bee, sharing many rituals, as well as other magickal traits that they have in common. Bees as you know provide us with so many blessings, honey and wax are only the beginning of those blessings. Mead… which I am in love with and brew, is similar to wine, only it’s brewed from the bee’s honey instead of sugar. It is an ancient beverage, and part of many witches brews and libations. Bees are such amazing little creatures, using elaborate dances to communicate locations. Witches have used tantr­ic and shamanistic dance for centuries, either to raise energy for spell work, or to achieve hedge flight into other realms.’



P.S. Nobody come at me for sharing a Raven Wood link (lol - just a joke) — I know everyone is not a fan, but this is pretty innocuous and well agreed upon and it was a great article in my opinion. :brown_heart:


Bees have been making an appearance for me for a while now. My fiancé even picked up a mug for me while we were at the store that has bees all over it! :honeybee: On the handle it says “Bee-you-tiful” and I thought it was just so cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have sneaking suspicions that Brigid is trying to get my attention because I’ve been…not all there with my deity stuff. But I don’t have the mental space for things right now and I can’t answer her quite yet.

Why would anyone come for you? :flushed: Is there something I don’t know about this person?


Yes BEESSS mug. And you @MeganB are definitely BEEYOUTIFUL :). Brigid is deity of bees or queen bee or something other for sure!

I thought Raven Wood is that person who writes books that people aren’t fond of and gets a rise out of some, maybe I’m incorrect on that. :). I know that no matter what, nobody on here will ‘come at me’, I was speaking more facetiously, I gotta remember not to ‘talk’ on here like I’m actually talking and cracking jokes since it’s too hard to know in written word. Second time today bleh! :honeybee::black_heart:


Ohhh I think that’s Silver Ravenwolf :sweat_smile: Pretty close though! But you’re right, I don’t think anyone is gonna come at you at all, whether joking or not :blush: And I don’t think you need to stop typing like you talk! I’m an overly cautious potentially autistic person. I’m always going to ask for clarification just to be on the safe side :laughing:

I believe some of her mythology from Scotland relates to bees but I can’t be entirely sure. At this point it’s just UPG :person_shrugging: but that’s okay with me!

Aww thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As I went on a forage and daily walk around my favorite lake, I was compelled to take a detour down a path. The beauty of this time of year for those of us who forage, is that as the tall grasses and flowers retreat for the cold season and here in the Colorado foothills of the Rockies, and a whole new world becomes visible. (To us anyways… it’s always there, but this is a gift of nature, that we can see it more clearly this time of year.)

I stumbled upon a native bee nest. I took a video of the work in progress. It was like a frenzy. I watched and as I got acquainted with them, I got a little closer. At the end of my video you can hear me laugh and it ends abruptly. Apparently, I got a little too close. They are, after all, foraging for the winter stores and I am of no help there :slight_smile:

Most bee species are native and nest. In my state there are 4,000 species. Honeys and Bumbles get all the attention, but next time, get closer and look at your garden and you will see green iridescence, black, some tiny and some long. There are 20,000 identified species of bees in the world. Look at your flowers, look under trees and in old wooden sheds. Keep your distance - Honey bees are docile, but others not to mentions the wasps you will encounter, not so much.

Bees give us honey, bee pollen granules, propolis - a most healing product, beeswax, royal jelly, and believe it or not, their venom is used by some for medicinal purposes. That is 5 products that bees generate for us. And as witches, we can utilize and learn about all of them. They produce these products from their own bodies! The Master Alchemists for sure.

As time goes one I will post about bees and their products and consciousness here on the forum. They are a companion species and without them we cannot survive on this plane.

I would love to see discoveries of bees from all of you out there - especially the magick they bring to you. Happy foraging!
Blessed is the Sacred Bee,


Hooray for the Bee thread!!! :partying_face: :honeybee: :sparkles:

I am 100% for learning more about bees- and combining bees/honey/wax/etc with magick? This is some really exciting stuff right here! :raised_hands: I love honey in sweetening spells, beeswax candles, and have always wanted to keep bees (I’ve gone to a few community beekeeping classes, and loved them!) but unfortunately it’s not something I can do while traveling… maybe someday!

For now, I’m excited to learn from other bee enthusiasts and bee magick experts! :pray::heart:

Blessed bee! :bee::honey_pot: :sparkles:


Travel does put a wrench in beekeeping! Although I live in a semi-rural area- I still have an HOA to contend with. There are lots of keepers out here who let me help. Hey if you ever see a bee on your travels, I’d love to see a pic her and the flower she’s visiting!


From what I remember in the classes, the beekeeping community is amazing- it seemed like there were always experienced beekeepers happy to help train newbies and get them through their first year! :blush:

It sounds like you’ve got a great local group too! :heart:

I will definitely keep my eye out! There’s actually a beekeeper up the street who has several hives in her yard, but I think they’ve already hunkered down for the winter. We’ve unfortunately already had a few mornings with frost here, and further south in the mountains they’ve already got snow :snowflake:

It might take a while, but I’ll try to snap some pics next time I meet some buzzy friends! :bee::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Omg don’t get me started about bees i absolutely love them! I love them so much i have my little yellow Suzuki Swift with the number plates: BuzzyB. I like to refer to my self like a bee as i always tell my partner… I am hard working, can be counted on, am bright and also dark and most of all i have a nice sting :laughing:


I’d love to keep bees someday :heart_eyes: but I don’t think my HOA would let me right now. Maybe sometime in the future! For now, I’ll just fill my yard with lovely plants that attract them. I’ll feed them rather than house them!


Seriously - loving them is the respect they need and you are giving that! Keeping Bees is all-consuming, not to mention so expensive. Honeybees are only one species - you are supporting thousands of species by feeding them and in turn, they feed us! One in every three bites of food we ingest is brought to us by a pollinator!


OK everyone and @SacredBee I follow a YouTube channel called the HoneyStead and they have an apothecary and they discussed today that feverfew works wonders for migraines. Here’s the video:

Also as evidenced in the literature from the NIH:

I really have to branch out and learn about more than just honey bees for sure!!! :honeybee:



I haven’t worked much with feverfew, but it sounds amazing! Goodness knows I can always add to the collection of headache remedies and treatments. Also amazing is this YouTube channel- will definitely be checking them out! :honeybee: :star_struck: Thank you, Jan! :heart:


Bees, the elements and other musings.
There is a tradition, I have heard it’s Celtic, but not sure, that someone had to go out to the hives and tell the bees of a loss in the family. Failing to do so could mean more loss or bees dying, leaving the hive, or not producing enough honey. Keeping the bees healthy and productive allowed for the symbiotic relationship of bee and farmer to flourish.

There is an ancient connection between humans and bees (even though bees have been around for 140 million years and we have not!) Bees are said to be the messengers between worlds. If you had a message for someone who had passed, you could tell the bees, and they would deliver to the other world.

In my sacred bee tarot decks, I integrate the bee into everything and have tried to tap into our connection to the universal consciousness that we share. The more I researched correspondences, the more I saw an interspecies relationship created by the bees. Here are some elemental correspondences to get the ideas flowing for using bees in tarot and ritual.

The hive is the home base, the grounding connection of the bees to the Earth and to one another. The bees are the magic that perpetuates flowers, plants and all life for our Living Earth. .

The Sun is the radiant guiding force that empowers the bees. The Will and the focus on their goal is all-encompassing in the life of a honeybee. It is Spirit-driven.

The space that is air allows the bees to move freely. The intelligence of a community of bees is collective. they act as one centralized organism but also as individuals with specific jobs to do.

Hydration is an integral part of them creating the elixir of life- honey. Bees operate intuitively. There are many references and even books that connect the bee with the chalice and divine feminine symbolically.


Thank you for posting this @SacredBee it’s great! I have heard of the stories of “go tell the bees”, as they are an integral part of the family. Even in New England we have those traditions here!!

I like the earth/wands/swords/water you’ve laid out - so much to explore and discover about bees! :honeybee:. Blessed BEE


And here is my Busy Bee car:


I love it @TheMuslimWitch !!! :honeybee:


Thank you :blush: What better than such a beautiful hard working creature to resemble :heart: