Bee Happy! All about Bees! ๐Ÿ

I am in AWE @TheMuslimWitch- your car is a work of art!!! :honeybee: :sparkles: I love everything- the sticker with the moon phases? YES! And those adorable bee plushies- ahhhh! So cute! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! It took a while to order everything, but today the finally bee seat cover came and I said I have to share it. I even made the plates as Busy Bee (BU55YB):smiling_face_with_three_hearts::honeybee::blush:


Sweet ride!!!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry , @jan_TheGreenWitch is correct feverfew is great for migraines


Thank you, you two! :heart: Itโ€™s going on the list of herbs Iโ€™d like to try working with in the future. Iโ€™m doing a few at a time to really hone in on them- itโ€™s yarrow and crampbark atm!

Thanks again and blessed be! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Cramp bark is amazing!!!

Try helichrysum, its one of the most potent pain killers.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Thank you, Christeena! :heart: Iโ€™ve jotted helichrysum onto my herb future studies list- once I get through cramp bark and yarrow Iโ€™ll move down the list and pick one or two more to study! (So many amazing herbs, so little time :sweat_smile::herb: :two_hearts: )


I got some beeswax tealight candles yesterday!!! :heart_eyes:

I forgot how bright and clean they burn (and so hot too- gotta be careful not to put anything next to them!). And the very light natural honey smell? Divine :honey_pot: :sparkles:

I was wondering, though, for anyone who uses beeswax candles- do you find that they tend to burn longer than your other candles? Or shorter? :thinking:


The smell of beeswax candlesโ€ฆ. Swoon! The burn time is one of those questions that makes me want to test. I have some white candles for a menorah that seem to burn quicker than my regular โ€˜ol chime candles even though they are thicker. I also use beeswax so I am going to do an unscientific test. starting where they each go flat. At least I will know each time relative to the distance. I want to create a meaningful spell using this trinity though, while Iโ€™m at it. I shall post a photo of the after!

It occurs to me that the beeswax is pure and will burn at natureโ€™s pace. and who knows what is in the others!

Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry for a mini challenge!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Because 100% beeswax has a higher melting point than other waxes, it is supposed to last longer than other candles - beeswax burns slower and drips less. I am eager to see if the theory matches the outcome of @SacredBee โ€™s mini challenge test!!!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry @jan_TheGreenWitch

Beeswax FTW!!!

The chime candles that I just get at the witchy store burn way faster. The Shabbas candle is much thicker and still burning faster than the beeswax one.

My takeaway- bees are always better lol. But if I have a spell where the candle has to burn and I donโ€™t have 3 hours , Iโ€™ll use the chime. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

The beeswax smells so good too. And the natural honey color of it warms the :heart:


Thank YOU for putting the theory to the test- this was awesome to see! :heart_eyes: It sounds like @jan_TheGreenWitch was right on- how exciting that beeswax takes the crown for longest burning time :honeybee: :crown:

Hear, hear! :raised_hands:

Itโ€™s all natural, smells great, burns beautifully, doesnโ€™t give off as many harmful toxins as other types of candles, and now it looks like you get a longer burn time with beeswax candles too.

A shame itโ€™s more expensive than other types of candles- although perhaps this goes into the โ€œyou get what you pay forโ€ category!

I recommend the beeswax tealights! These ones are tiny- I clocked one in the other night and it burned for 2 hours. Not too bad if you want to get a shorter spell in before bed! :grinning: :+1:

Thanks again for the awesome experiment, @SacredBee! :heart:

Lots of love and many blessings! :sparkles:


Bees and Tarot

In my new deck, I did a lot of digging about other beekeeping practices. I generally post on social, and wanted to share this - there is also an article link at the end where I learned about this one. TGIF, All!

Nine of Cups

While researching Beekeepers from all over it occurred to me that the relationship and mutual benefits of people and bees existing closely together goes back to civilizations now far goneโ€“especially since the honeybee is not indigenous to many parts of the world where bees are housed by humans.

Although modern practices make the white sting-proof beekeeper suit the standard wear, I was certain that I could find some people that practice the keeping of bees according to their indigenous methods. I loved the way some people in the Harenna forest build their hives high in trees. I also read about the practice of nomadic or migratory beekeeping in other parts of old civilizations.

The Nine of Cups in The Keeper of The Sacred Bee Tarot deck pays homage to the people who are keepers of the bees using methods that look very different but still serve the same associations of today. He goes to market and takes pride in his work and well-deserved abundance.

If you are at all interested here is a BBC article:

The last beekeepers of Ethiopiaโ€™s Harenna Forest - BBC Travel.


This is such a beautiful card- and I have to say that knowing about the research, time, and respectful thought you put into building it takes it to an even higher level of appreciation :heart:

I love how you combined beekeeping with the traditional meaning of the Nine of Cups- reading what youโ€™ve said here, I think they go amazingly well together! :cup_tarot: :honeybee:

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous art and the powerful meaning that went into it- this is a delight to see, @SacredBee! :blush::two_hearts:


Thank you! Itโ€™s been a labor of love and gas woven itself into most things in my life :honeybee:


Well the gas part is awkward lol * I meant โ€œhasโ€! I should wear my reading glasses when Iโ€™m typing with thumbs on my phone. :honeybee::heart:


Hahaha no worries at all- typos get the best of all of us at one point or another! :laughing: :handshake:

The love and care you put in really shine through- you do amazing work, @SacredBee! :heart:


My husband has a friend who is a bee keeper. I wanted to do it, but you have to have at least 5 acres of land and I only have 2. There is huge bee farm about 20 minutes from my house. You can go and learn all about bee keeping. I need to visit it some day.


That sounds amazing! How fun to have such a great resource close by- I hope youโ€™re able to go to one of their beekeeping lessons/training sessions someday, Ostara! :star_struck: :honeybee: :sparkles:


Bee Prayer

Hi all Bee lovers :slight_smile: I know that the subject of Travis Bowman has been touched on in other threads - but has anyone ever found a book of all his poems/prayers? I see tons of posters - I think buying them is fine for the royalties of the copyright holder, but curious because he is so obscure - I saw in a brief blurb that he went to Jack Kerowac school of disembodied poets - but wanted to verify that. Well, itโ€™s a rabbit hole! Here is the Bee Prayer that started my search.