Been feeling crafty…

Lately, with Samhain just around the corner, I’ve been feeling very crafty. It doesn’t help that there are so many great witchy things flooding the market. I have many more pieces I’m working on, but this is what I have so far.

I work a lot and find that crafting is a form of meditation for me.
I found this lilac branch after a small storm we had and decided it would make a great piece to add to my witch room. I have a few more things being delivered today to add to the esthetic. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to add your pictures so we all can see your crafty sides. Blessed Be!


Ohh, that lilac branch is a wonderful way to display the ornaments you’ve created!


Those are amazing ornaments! You did a fabulous job & I also love the idea of using the lilac branch to display them all! Great job! :revolving_hearts:


What a great Halloween tree! LOL! I really like the witch’s hat with it’s charms. You’re very crafty!


Beautiful treasures, @Draykor75- I really love seeing your fun witchy crafts! :sparkles::grinning:

I agree that crafting is a great form of meditation- getting into your “flow” is a very soothing and positive place to be :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing! Blessed crafting!


@Draykor75 SAME - crafting, creating, gardening is such a creative release after a long day of work and adulting. Your tree is perfect and has inspired me to create one! I love all the little crafts and ornaments!!! BLESSED BE! :blue_heart:


Those are so cute! :star_struck: I think you did a fantastic job. I love how you have them all hanging on that lilac branch. It reminds me of the little Christmas tree from Charlie Brown! :tree_of_life:


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