Best days to wear these crystals?

Hi all, so I have been organising my crystal jewellery and I have put them into coloured boxes that fits into a compartment depending on the day thanks to the daily ritual here on spells8. Now I am not sure what day is best to wear moonstone, fluorite, serpentine, goldstone and labradorite. Can anyone help me with this?


For the moonstone I’d say Monday, through the Moon connection. For labradorite (spectrolite, black moonstone) Saturday would be a good day. I haven’t heard of goldstone before, but for gold I’d pick Sunday (Sun, auspiciousness). For fluorite, looking at the correspondences (calming, focus, intuition) I’d say Wednesday. Serpentine I’m kind of unsure about, the correspondences are kind of all over the place and I don’t know the stone personally. Might pick Saturday.

I flipped through Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences, only for the moonstone and the labradorite there was a clearly specified day. For the others I had to look in a more roundabout way.

I hope this helps, and that others may confirm or offer a different perspective :heart:


Not being much of a crystal expert myself, I’m going to give a second vote to @CelestiaMoon’s wonderful suggestions- everything that was said seems very suitable for daily crystal correspondences to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enjoy your lovely stones, @TheMuslimWitch- may they bring you many blessings each day of the week! :gem::two_hearts:


Try this



Thank you. I have book that generally discusses the crystal and even lists the candle colour associated with it, but it does not mention the day. This helps a lot really appreciate it… :blush:


Thank you. I thought since i am already such a busy bee, it would be nice to have my jewellery organised so all i have to do is open a draw and viola it is there. Also untangling everything drives me insane and if it were anything else it would be tugged on but i can do that as they are priceless in my eyes :blush:


Thank you i am checking it out now :blush:


Everything sounds good, but I’d wear Serpentine on Fridays. It is associated with the heart chakra, and Fridays are good for self-love, love in general, friendships, and romance as it says here on Spells8. Hope that helps as well.


Thank you i will add the crystal to my Friday box :blush:


I know that alot of people believe or follow set crystals for days, rings for what fingers, planet, etc. It truly doesnt matter. If you believe in this then thats ok. I go with how I feel and which chakra needs healing at the moment.


I have sooo many crystals. I often just spill them out and grab whichever one seems to be calling to me on that day. If several, usually the case, I will often wear one but carry the others in my purse to keep them close to me.


That’s a good idea too. I do that as well. There’s a combination of things I do with my crystals. Just do what feels right @TheMuslimWitch like @christina4 said. :sparkling_heart::magic_wand:


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