Black Jasper Information 💎

:black_heart: Black Jasper :black_heart:

Mineral Family: Quartz
Structure: Microgranular Quartz, Chalcedony
Hardness: 6.5-7
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Leo :leo:, Virgo :virgo:, Scorpio :scorpius:
Element: Fire :fire:
Planet: Mars
Color: Black :black_heart:

:black_heart: Black Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It supports you during stressful times.

:black_heart: It was founded in 1800 BC.

:black_heart: It balances the yin and yang energy.

:black_heart: It provides protection and absorbs negative energy.

:black_heart: This stone clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.

:black_heart: Black Jasper is also known as “Black Stone”.

:black_heart: This stone is great for grounding energies of one experiencing spaciness. It can help in connecting one’s higher vibrations to earth.

:black_heart: It’s useful in relieving pain and helps with stomach issues and foot problems.

:black_heart: Properties: :black_heart:
Nurturing, healing, protection, grounding, balancing.

Here are a couple of my black Jasper:

And here are some pics from Google:



Awesome that you did this one because I tumble stones & 1 of the stones that I will have in there is Black Jasper & I was never really sure what it was good to be used for once it was done.

Speaking of my tumbler… I have to get it going again. It was downstairs in the area that would have been my craft room. When my son moved back in, he took it upon himself to move everything without telling anyone. So… I have to find it then find somewhere that I can set it & forget it.


If you go to home depot or wherever you buy rocks…you can get a whole big bag of river rocks pretty cheap and you will find a lot of black jasper in there. There were some in my little tabletop water fountain kit too! We recently went on vacation and playing in a river we came across quite a few o the different ‘jaspers’, nothng fancy but beautiful all the same.


I am asking husband for a rock tumbler for Christmas!


I have a 3lb tumbler & I love using it. :hugs:


I bought my son a rock tumbler for his birthday in August. He doesn’t use it because it’s so loud! It’s from National Geographic.


Those are the ones that I have. I actually have 2, a smaller one & then the 3 lb one. That’s why we had it turned on in the basement or I would run it in my bedroom for the day until I went to bed. Now that my son is home, I don’t have a place to run it :joy:


Oh no!! Maybe run a cord outside? As long as it’s not raining, or on a porch. That’s what I did.


Durrr… why didn’t I think of that, we have a 50 foot outside cord & an outlet. I could put it on the back porch or under the porch really… in the shed… so many options! Thank you!


I run my tumbler in the garage. It is also a 3lb from nat’l Geo and it has a rubber like drum. It is noisy but I don’t really hear it unless I open the door. I love it!
I love the information you post @christina4. Thank you for posting, I enjoy them very much.
:rose: :rose: :rose:


Yes, the noise really gets to me at night, so I think we are going to put it under the bulkhead so it’s not bothersome to anyone. :heart: