Blessed Mabon from England :infinite_roots:

My hubby has gone to bed so finally got a little alone time to complete my Mabon ritual. No issue with him being around, but my sacred space is in the living room where the TV is and I prefer quiet time for rituals and spellwork.

I followed the Spells 8 ritual. But as I didn’t have any actual leaves I printed some to decorate my altar.

After writing each thing I wanted to release / let go of on a paper leaf, I burnt them in my cauldron.

Earlier in the evening I’d also followed a ritual in my Wonky Broomstick subscription box.

I’m in a rented property and nowhere to bury the nuts outside anyway so I’ve made a string using wax cord, my glue gun and few swear words :rofl:


So beautiful Iris, thank you for sharing :heart: I love your ingenuity with the nuts and cord!


@IrisW everything looks beautiful. Very well done


How lovely! You did a great job!


Beautiful spellwork, @IrisW! Your altar glows with the warmth of the season :maple_leaf: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love everything you have on display- from the flowers to the pinecones to all your beautiful treasures- it really looks wonderful! :clap:

Thanks for sharing- wishing you a very blessed Sabbat and happy start of autumn! :sparkling_heart:


:joy: Haha I love it!
As always, your altar is beautiful :heart: I like the hazel info/spell. Thank you for sharing it all!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: