Blessing a mother and unborn Babe

I met a very young woman the other day at the store. She was very and obviously pregnant. I asked when her babe was due and she said December. That was 3 months away! I asked her how she was doing and she replied “I’m scared to death.”
“Oh, Honey.” I smiled and she looked terrified. “Women have been having babies for hundreds of thousands of years. You’ll do fine.”
She thanked me and went on with her shopping.
That incident has prayed on my mind for a few days and this morning, 4am I woke up with something just nagging at me.
I made coffee and sat at the computer and the next thing I wanted to do was write a spell. Just for that young woman and her child.
This is what came out when I started typing:

Blessing for she who waits and the unborn

Bless this mother, dry her tears

An easy delivery & no more fears

For the mother, I say Blessed be,

Keep this babe healthy & safe for me.

Make him strong that he may live long

To learn, to live and do no wrong.

Make him tall and straight, clear seeing

With a gentle heart, a righteous being.

With all the power in my soul

Keep these two strong and whole.

As I have spoken, so it shall be.

Blessed be

Garnet, Blessed by Dragons


It is my sincerest wish that the Mother hears and gives
her special Blessing to this sweet stranger and her child.


very beautifully written


You did a great job according to me. Removing the pain of a mother will give you double blessings, from both the child and the mother. I saved the spell at my BOS. If I find anyone who needs help, I will definitely help them through this spell. @anneshakargupta


Beautiful spell @Garnet! I really like it!


@Garnet I have chills and have started crying already this morning thanks to your beautiful spell. Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks pregnant and I gave birth to my sleeping angel at 20. I’ve been quite scared that his sister will come way too early or be born with her wings too. So I’d like very much to add this blessing to my B.o.S and use it for me and Raelynne as well as listing it in her baby book as a gift from aunt garnet if it is ok with you.


That’s beautiful, Garnet!!! :heart: And that’s very sweet of you!!!


Why, Miss Anne, how nice of you to say so. Any spells I write belong to the Coven, tweak them and make them your own with my blessings.


Aww Phoenix, it’s not only yours, but I light a candle you and your precious internal person.


Thanks @Garnet

Spells8 is indeed unique coven because I am experiencing this rate of kindness for the first time.

Everyone says that this is mine, this is mine, but no one say like you. Indeed, I will use this, if requires, because this is this is made by my another best friend means you @Garnet .

I am so greatful that you are all so supportive that make me forget my last break-up within 3 months. Spells8 is a great family. 2 people and 1 friend betrayed me when I joined Spells8, but after joining the forum I got a family.

I was praying that please help me because I don’t want to disclose my break-up with my parents, I needed help for first time & for the last time to cope up because I will always control my emotions to stay away from this type of pain, and at that time God helped me through Spells8.

I am happy that I have friends like you @Garnet . You really have a Lion’s heart. @anneshakargupta


That is so sweet thanks for sharing!
Blessed be⭐️


Lovely Anneshakar
Choices are often so difficult. You have to be true to yourself.
Hearts really don’t break but sometimes they get the snot beat out of them.
If your friends desert you, or your loves leave, though it is with the greatest sorrow I say, you cannot stop them.
When I was a girl there was a saying
“If you love them, let them go. If they come back, they were yours, If not they never were to begin with.”
It sounds trite but when you are ready do a letting go spell. I had a tenuous relationship at best with my mother and after I did that, I found I was able to forgive her, but better yet, I forgave myself.
I’m overjoyed to be your friend, but do me a really big favor.
"Do a love yourself spell. You really do deserve to love and be loved.
I admire your strength, although you do not see it. I am delighted with your knowledge, we see it. Meditate and blow the fog away from your face and mind. See with your heart, I’ve heard that Anneshakar Gupta is a remarkable woman! And I am honored to call you Friend & Sister.
Stay safe, Be Blessed and know that we all love you.
We’re always here with an ear open to you.
Garnet Beloved of Dragons.
And Anne, thank you for being my friend. :clap: :lips:
that’s a kiss on the cheek for you and applause.


@Garnet this is SO beautiful! I got chills reading it.


Sweet lovely human. I am broken-hearted for your loss. I’m just so sorry. Thank you for sharing this intimate part of your story. Is there something I can do to help honor your little one who has passed?
Prayers for you and the one you now carry. May this pregnancy, delivery, and this new life being born be blessed beyond belief. Support and love, friend.


Isn’t Spells8 just magnificent? I’m in a couple local witch groups on Facebook (why I haven’t left yet is a mystery even to myself)… they are all very toxic, for the most part. It seems like so many enjoy tearing each other down. For what purpose?? It’s really sad. But not here! This forum has given me so much hope and purpose.


Some forget that we aren’t just voices in the wind, but real people with real problems and real tears. That’s been the amazing incredible human experience I’ve been blessed with. There are just to many too bless individually so let me say: Goddess bless the Infinite Roots Coven for as a collective we are unbelievably strong, we are wise and we are shield against the world.
We do not suffer insensitivity, prejudice, intolerance and or cruelty.
When anyone in Spells8 falls, I will help them stand up and send them my strength…


That’s beautiful @Garnet :revolving_hearts:


@Garnet, I am in awe! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is such a beautiful blessing- every word rings from the heart. You’ve posted quite a few prayers lately and each one is absolutely stunning- you have been blessed by quite the muse this week! :heart: May your creativity continue to flow and the warmth of your heart continue to shine so brightly :candle::hugs:

You are in my thoughts @phoenix_dawn- wishing a blessed pregnancy to you and your baby. Love and Light to you! :dove::two_hearts:

I am so sorry to hear about your break-up @anneshakargupta. Please continue to stay strong- may you always be surrounded by the love and kindness you deserve! :pray::heart:


Hello @Garnet

You seem to speak like my “Dragon Deck”. Most of the time it says “Take care of your heart”. I don’t know how, so I talk with all, read witchy books, watch witchy movies.

Today I asked my Grandma’s deck about it. She says that this break-up was required for me to reconnect with the universe. True indeed. My grandma is the best and always right for me.

However, I am lucky that I joined Spells8 and saved your spell which I am inheriting from you.

@TheTravelWitch yes, I am forgetting my past slowly. It is not easy to forgot first break-up, but I will do it because my Spells8 family is with me now. :grinning: @anneshakargupta


Lovely girl, as I told Francisco,
“The only thing constant about life is, change.”
Change can be painful but out of the pain comes growth.
Out of growth comes wisdom.
Out of wisdom we become teachers.
From teachers we become nurturers.
We nurture the next generation.
We may in some small way be changing the world.
Thanks for changing our world.


TheTravelWitch You said “You have been blessed by quite the muse.”
Make “Muse” a title and I’ll gladly carry it, I’d even retire Blessed by Dragon for it.