Blessings to the talking windmills

Windmills Blessing

Windmill Blessing Day

November 25th (tomorrow) is Windmill Blessing Day. In days of old, many millers in Holland would bless their windmills on or around this date each year.

Did you know that the millers of the windmills had a system of secret communication. By positioning the blades of the mill in specific configurations their neighbors would be told if - a child had been born, a death had occurred. During the war Denmark was invaded by Germany. The millers increased their ‘vocabulary’ of blade positions to warn neighbors of German troop movement. It became a silent ‘underground communication’ that went unnoticed by the German invaders. So Blessings to the windmills who helped to win their country’s freedom.


That’s some great info, I never thought there would be a day for that. Thanks for the lore. :slight_smile:


This is so interesting, @Berta! I had never heard of communication by windmill nor windmill blessings before- thanks so much for sharing it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It reminds me a bit of how lighthouse keepers communicate to ships with nothing but flashes of light :flashlight: My family used to maintain a lighthouse a generation back, and I know there’s a whole series of signals but all I remember is:

1 flash :zap:
4 flashes :zap:
3 flashes :zap:

Is the signal for “I love you” in lighthouse communication :sparkling_heart:


143 is also short hand in text messages for I LOVE YOU… Maybe you just uncovered the source of that meme.


Wow, that’s some great information. @berta thanks for sharing

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I was thinking about that, too lol

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Oh wow that is very interesting information about the windmills. I had no idea. Thank you.


I didn’t know 143 was a meme too- that’s awesome! :laughing: Curious which came first… makes me wonder, while reminding me of yet another meme: does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? :crazy_face:

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LOL… @TheTravelWitch

That makes my brain hurt.

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Hahaha I know the feeling! :laughing: Some memes are funny and others make heads spin :crazy_face:

To balance it out, I’ll share a nice, simple meme that I saw that can be enjoyed without any brain pain:

[Pic from Meme]

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@TheTravelWitch HAHAHAHAHAH sooooo true. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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