Blue Moon - crystals

Well last night was certainly interesting to say the least.

I was unable to perform any sort of magick as there were two parties with neighbors that made privacy and quiet impossible.

So I made do with charging my numerous crystals and did a mental casting of the circle along with some Blue Moon Water. (maybe not a complete waste?)

Anyway, it’s now morning here (454am) and unable to sleep. Went outside to retrieve my newly refreshed crystals and water said Good Morning to the Goddess and thanked her for blessing me and the gifts of the crystals.

Amazingly, i realized two things this am.

  1. I have an indigo gabbro or Wizards Stone. truly amazing stone to connect with the true self. As I cleaned this stone and went to place in the black velvet bag I use within my tote, I could feel the energy. So I refreshed myself as to what I am to do with this stone. What was wonderous was how this stone is actually my birthstone (not diamonds as many sites will cite) and then i recalled why i originally purchased this stone. Has anyone bought something because they were drawn to it without rhyme or reason? So this week i will work exclusively to learn more about myself and my true talents/nature.

  2. Whilst retrieving my crystals, i noticed that quite often I walk counter-clockwise. So this explains so much of why I feel out of sorts and nothing really seems to work with spells and invocations. UGH - now i have to be mindful of which direction for any spell or blessing work. this is going to be difficult as I am quite directionally challenged!!!

So here is a question for the more experienced among us; does the direction when retrieving items consecrated really matter? I know when we open our circle at the end of the craft we walk counter-clockwise?

Just wanted to share and perhaps get some energy in this direction for assistance with the correction.

I trust that everyone’s celebration was beautiful and insightful and full of wicked fun~



I have intuitively bought many crystals. It could mean that the properties they posses is what you need at the moment. Indigo gabbro is a wonderful stone to work with! A couple stones that I bought from being attracted to are auralite 23 which helped me, when meditating, reach higher realms, larvakite or black moonstone for my shadow working and pink tourmaline which helps self acceptance. You have you love and accept yourself before you can others. Just a small list that I chose by pure intuition that ended up being exactly what I needed.


I have to see what crystals that I need, I go to the stone store in town and just walk around it until something catches my eye and draws me in. Thank you for bringing that to my attention too about the walking direction. Now that I think about it, at times I do the same thing. I will also have to be more mindful about it!


I’ve never thought about which direction I’m walking! That’s something new to be thinking about.


I’m glad you had a successful celebration (despite the noisy neighbors!), @da1! :blush: The Wizards Stone sounds very interesting and as for the direction- I can honestly say I haven’t focused on the direction of walking when picking things up!

This is a very interesting topic- after a bit of thought, I realized that my focus on movements occur during a spell or ritual. For example: Lighting candles, laying tarot cards, making movements in the air, stirring with intentions- any actions or movements that are directly part of a ritual or spell, while that spell is happening :sparkles:

If you consider retrieving the crystals to be part of the magickal process (and it can indeed be a meditative practice!) then yes- being mindful of the direction and movements is a great practice. If you consider the magick to already be complete (the spell/ritual/charging to be done) then I personally think the direction wouldn’t have any effect- negative nor positive. It all comes down to your intention and when you consider yourself to be working magick/when you consider it to be complete!

A very interesting topic- thank you for bringing it up! :grinning:

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